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The cat you share your life with is obviously very important to you or you would not be visiting a cats only website.  In fact, if you are like many pet parents today, you consider your kitty to be a highly valued family member.  You want the very best for your feline friend, but perhaps you are not always sure what course of action is best.

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  Ask The Cat Doctor, awarded Best Cat Health Website in the Readers Choice Awards sponsored by in 2012, is the internet place to be when you have a question about the cat. With over 1800 pages of cat-related content, this website has a wealth of information to help you keep your kitty healthy and happy.

Hi, I'm Dr. Shelby Neely and I have been a feline veterinarian for over 23 years and have the education and experience to help you figure out what is going on when you are worried about your cat. I also have the compassion and understanding that comes from a lifetime of being a cat parent before I became a vet. I was born loving cats and have never spent a moment of my life without them.

"Dr. Neely, I feel I must take a moment to thank you & tell you how very much appreciated you are. Before I found your website here, I tried in vain searching the internet to find someone who would answer a few concerns I had about my kitties without charging me what I consider to be a lot of money for 30 seconds of their time. Every penny counts in this economy. You are the only Cat Doctor I've found who gives of yourself this way & I can't thank you enough for your kindness & generosity. I don't know you & will likely never have the honor of meeting you, but it's obvious to me you are a wonderful person.

Again, I thank you! And my kitties thank you (Lovie, Leah, Lily, Flower, Zaphod, C.C., Beau Beau & Spencer. All rescues)."
- Christopher

We know a lot more about kitties these days than we used to know. The cat is a species that has many unique characteristics. A cat is NOT a small dog. When you want information about cats, their behavior, their illnesses, the medications that are safe for them, advice as to whether it's time to rush to the vet or not and much, much more, you want that information from an experienced, knowledgeable cat expert. And that is what I offer you.

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I consider my many experiences before becoming a cat vet almost as valuable as my veterinary training. I have lived with so many cats during my lifetime that I had the experience of treating them for almost every feline disease imaginable. I know what it is like to love your kitty and feel sad and scared when he is not feeling well. I have lived with cats that suffered from feline inflammatory bowel syndrome, feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), feline kidney disease, FIP, cat thyroid problems, feline food allergies, cat diabetes, feline acne, and cat eye infections. I had to learn about feline leukemia symptoms, herpes treatment, feline bad breath and a host of other cat care issues from newborn kitten care to elderly cat health problems.

And that was all before I even thought of going to veterinary school! Of course, along with those more serious cat problems, I have also lived with many of the everyday type of cat health conditions that can arise. Cat behavior problems, vomiting, diarrhea, feline sneezing …you name it, I can almost guarantee that at some point, I had a cat with that condition. 

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This is why I know how you feel and why this website can help you. I want to help you and the cat you love by sharing my experience and education with you. I am passionate about helping cat owners know the signs of cat illnesses so that early detection of feline diseases and better outcomes are possible.

Read more about my education and experience.

"Hi, Dr. Neely, Thank you! And by the way, your response to the lady who has a cat with thyroid problems and no money was really helpful! You covered every possible corner!! You’re a gem! I’m glad I know you." Sandi

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On this website, you will find over 1800 pages of information about cat medicine, feline surgery, and cat behavior.

You can also find:

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- contests with wonderful prizes supplied by our terrific sponsors who help keep the cat information on this site constantly growing and completely free of charge!

-a special Memorial Section where you can honor your deceased cat by posting photos and writing a special message


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"Hi, Dr. Neely, The cat that I wrote you about, Calvin (my 4-year old orange tabby), and I want to THANK YOU for so quickly responding to our question re: the spots on Calvin's nose. It is a relief to know there's nothing to worry about! We have (3) cats but Calvin is the baby and we tend to worry about the baby of the family!!! THANK YOU AGAIN! You are a wonderful resource! Jeri"

As you look around the site, you will find several hundred letters from readers who have had concerns just like you. You will also find hundreds of articles about cat care, disease prevention, feline illnesses, and cat behavior problems.

If you came here with a specific question in mind, chances are good that the answer to your question is somewhere in the hundreds of questions and answers or informational articles already available for you to read. To easily find the information you're looking for, simply do a search in the box generously provided by Google at the top of this page, in the right hand column.

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Dr. Neely

"Thanks so much, You provide a great service," Ron