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Our About Dr. Neely page is here to let you know the background and credentials of the cat expert who is giving you information and answering your questions. She is a veterinarian that has owned a feline practice in the Philadelphia area for over 20 years. A graduate of The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Neely also has degrees in music and education.

Any biography about Dr. Neely is not complete if her life-long efforts at rescuing cats are not included. She was the founder of Purrfectly Yours Adoption Center, established in 1991, and responsible for finding homes for, vaccinating, and neutering thousands of homeless cats. However, her rescue work really began at the age of five when she convinced her parents to take in 2 homeless cats, a passion that has continued throughout her life.

Dr. Neely has been writing, editing, and publishing in the computer, music, and veterinary fields for over 30 years. Her articles have been published in a variety of national magazines and newspapers, including Better Homes and Gardens, Electronic Games, Creative Computing, Compute, Micro, Software Merchandising, and Computer Gazette Software Reviews, where she was a contributing editor.

She has written pet articles for Philly Fit Pet Magazine, Mainliner News, and many other newsletters, pamphlets, websites and staff training manuals. Dr. Neely has also frequently created public relations material, adult education materials, and college faculty class plans and training materials.

She has written and edited scripts and storyboards for a national cable television music series produced by United Feature Syndicate. She also served as Associate Producer and Music Director for the series and co-authored Play It Again, a collection of piano music.

Dr. Neely assisted the producer of the Dr. Ruth show at WNEW Metromedia Channel 5 in New York where she edited letters to be aired on the show, produced teleprompter copy, recruited and scheduled guests, and personally assisted Dr. Ruth.

She has written lecture material and prepared audio/video aids for numerous presentations to schools, YMCA's, retirement homes, nursing homes, children's clubs, Adult Business Organizations, Girl Scouts, High School Career Days, and for veterinary hospital tours for local lower and middle schools.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS. She has been a guest speaker at retirement and nursing homes, numerous pre-school's, high school career days, and various public and private schools, grades 1-12, in the Philadelphia area. Dr. Neely has been a guest lecturer at Barnes and Nobles Book Store and Borders Book Store. She has conducted many tours of her cat hospital for students of all ages in the Philadelphia area. Dr. Neely annually hosts interns from local high schools, community colleges, vet tech schools, and the University of Pennsylvania Vet School. She also has been a guest lecturer at a wide variety of colleges and universities throughout the United States.


Dr. Neely has been recognized nationally by Cat Fancy Magazine as an outstanding veterinarian for her animal rescue work. She was also the first veterinarian chosen as Veterinarian of the Month by Strictly for Pets national pet newsletter. She currently has articles published in various Cat Fancier newsletters and is a veterinarian spokesperson for SleepyPod and also FURminator, Inc. She is a regular contributor to the Pet Travel Experts website and was selected to be one of the founding members of the Nutro Knowledge Network, a group of professional pet writers selected to advocate for better pet nutrition. She is also a member of the BlogPaws Community. Her newspaper, Mews from The Cat Doctor, is published daily and she also publishes a monthly newsletter just for her subscribers.

Dr. Neely's website AskTheCatDoctor.com was awarded Best Cat Health Website in the Readers Choice Awards sponsored by About.com in 2012.

Dr. Neely has been interviewed by numerous newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations including The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Daily Times, The Main Line Times, Channel 6 ABC and Channel 10 NBC Prime Time News, Glamour, Changing Times, The New York Times, and Main Line Life magazine. She was recently interviewed by Claude West, blogger at TipsAboutCats.com.

Most recently, Dr. Neely has appeared in two segments of The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, discussing cat hairballs and the use of the FURminator deshedding tool for prevention of hairballs and allergies in people. She also presented FURminator's products on QVC in July and September 2012.

Dr. Neely has recently announced her partnership with Tracie Hotchner, Pet Expert, host of the radio shows Cat Chat® and Dog Talk®, and author of The Cat Bible and The Dog Bible. They are joining forces to help educate and inspire cat lovers to offer their kitties the safest, healthiest, and happiest lives. Tracie and The Cat Doctor want to help you make the best decisions when it comes to how to care for your cats, what products to buy, and ways to make your kitties’ lives happier.

Dr. Neely is currently putting the final touches on a book that will address the problem of feline inappropriate elimination. She also has several other books about cat health in progress and is working on a memoir with her daughter.

Dr. Neely's professional affiliations have included the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Association of Feline Practitioners, American Animal Hospital Association, National Association of Women Veterinarians, Morris Animal Friends, Cornell Feline Health Center, and the Pennsylvania SPCA Low-Cost Neuter Program.


Family, cats, writing, website development, computer graphics, continuing education, homeless animals, photography, music, Zumba, reading.

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