A Heartwarming House Call: Teddy's Story

We just left a heartwarming house call experience where we saw a very lucky kitty named Teddy and his sister Mya. Teddy was a stray cat in Pittsburgh, who was rescued and given a second chance at life by one of our wonderful clients.

This family had sadly just lost two of their very elderly cats, Duncan and Mei Mei, to different cat illnesses in the short span of just three months. They were left with only one kitty, a "diva" girl named Mya, when they were used to living with three.

The members of the family never expected that they would take in another cat so soon, as they all needed time to heal, but the universe intervened and decided for them just a few days after the second of their recent losses happened. On a trip to Pittsburg to visit family, they were greeted by a well-meaning woman who had just trapped this stray cat and wanted to find him a home. As they say, it was love at first sight and the rest is history.

Teddy came home to be tested for FeLV/FIV and dewormed and vaccinated prior to meeting his new big sister Mya. He has gone from a starving street cat to being acclimated to living with people very quickly, as you can see from his comfortable position on the sofa. And, Teddy’s new sister Mei Mei is as happy as ever as well, playing and doing tricks, even with the vet visiting!

Duncan and Mei Mei will never be forgotten and can't be replaced, but Teddy is sure to bring love and healing to this wonderful family in his own unique way. The owner’s of this handsome boy have seen him as a gift of sorts from their lost cats, because in all of these years, they had never encountered another cat in such desperate need of a home except for Mya and Teddy had been practically thrown in their laps!

This truly is a miracle story… A miracle for Teddy, this loving, adorable cat that was left alone and starving on the streets, to have met this wonderful family; A miracle for Mya, who now has a little brother to keep her company and to play with; And a miracle for the humans, who now have the gift of yet another cat’s love to help heal their broken hearts.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Teddy is named for Theodore Roosevelt because he was found and adopted on President's Day.

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