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AskTheCatDoctor.Com offers unique, fairly-priced, and customized advertising options that reach a very targeted audience. This passionate, cat-loving site is visited by more than 2500 daily visitors, all of whom are cat owners looking for expert advice on the care of their favorite felines. The number of visitors increases monthly as does the number of page views which is currently around 175,000 per month.

Our advertising program offers members of the pet industry the opportunity to increase visibility in their sector of the cat products market through distinct, one-in-a-category sponsorships.

There are numerous non-internet ways to advertise such as magazines, brochures, and newspapers, but these one-time, geographically limited, and semi-targeted exposure methods are not nearly as effective as the targeted, long-lasting, convenient, and geographically far-reaching Web.

The problem with these non-internet print methods of advertising is their lack of distinct targeting. They are put before readers rather randomly, not necessarily when they are looking for the particular services or products being advertised. The reverse is true of internet advertising. Most web advertising is seen when a person is actively searching for something of interest or the solution to a problem and they land on a website where your advertising is located, therefore reaching a highly targeted audience.

The right website reaches highly-targeted pet owners anywhere anytime. In addition, repetition is powerful. This, combined with the positive appeal of advice from an authority who is trusted and shares your passion for your products, can most effectively bring you the results you would like to see and that you deserve in return for the money you put into advertising.

Why Advertise With AskTheCatDoctor.Com? is a special place for cat owners. Dr. Neely has written all of the content, which at present includes over 1800 pages. She has been a cat lover all her life and a cat veterinarian for 20 years. Her readers value her expert advice and often consult her for second opinions on their cat’s problems, as evidenced by the site being voted Best Cat Health Website in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

Dr. Neely also works full-time in her own feline hospital, counseling those cat owners as well. This day-to-day contact with pet owners puts Dr. Neely in a unique position to stay current on the needs of pet owners. She can then direct them to the best cat diets, litter, litter boxes, pet insurance, parasite control, and other such cat supplies.

Dr. Neely has quickly become a trusted authority on the web. Within a relatively short period of time, has moved from being non-existent to ranking in the top 0.5% of all websites! AskTheCatDoctor.Com's visitors are mainly in the US, where the website has attained an impressive traffic rank of 214,150.

Not only has AskTheCatDoctor established a solid reputation on the Internet in a short period of time, but website traffic continues to steadily increase. Sites linking in (referring) to the AskTheCatDoctor site (over 16,900 at last count) include Google, Wikipedia, DMOZ (Open Directory Project), WikiAnswers, Ehow, Associated Content, Yahoo,,, Wellsphere, and many other high-ranking websites.

The AskTheCatDoctor website’s content is broad in scope, featuring preventative, medical, surgical, and behavioral information about cats, but also product reviews to aid readers in providing preventative and well care for their favorite felines.

In addition to the website, Dr. Neely reaches many additional readers by also writing for Google Knols, Wikipedia, several article directories including Ezine, and she publishes a monthly newsletter which allows her to keep in touch with readers and further advise them on proper cat care.

Also, Ask The Cat Doctor's Facebook page and Twitter have a steadily increasing number of fans. The newsletter, Twitter, and Facebook page, obviously, provide other avenues by which your targeted message can reach the right audience.

Statistics About the Pet Population That Advertisers Need to Target

Who is spending the most on pet products?

The easiest way to evaluate the pet product market is by examining consumer age. Spending on pet products varies most significantly with age. Important demographics include:

• individuals between the ages of 55-64 spend 26% more than average
• these individuals tend to be married couples whose children are grown and have moved out of the home or whose adult children are living in the home
• this population constitutes 1/3 of the pet-owning households in the US
• they account for more than half of all spending in the categories of pet food, pet supplies, and pet services
• the 55-64 population tends to have more expendable income and they do not hesitate to spend whatever is necessary to provide the highest quality, most nutritious products for their pets

What are they buying?

An important growth area of the pet product industry is senior pet care. Dogs and cats are living much longer these days due to improved care and their owners feel that they are cherished members of the family. There are more geriatric pets now than ever and the number is increasing at a rapid rate.

A veterinarian such as Dr. Neely, who is spending a great portion of her time caring for pets in a veterinary practice and writing an extensive, comprehensive cat website, is counseling a growing number of owners of these geriatric cats. The older cat population is more likely to have a greater need for check-ups, preventative care, treatment of health conditions, and chronic age-related "aches and pains" in need of special diets and supplements.

Packaged Facts reported that over $728,000,000.00 was spent in 2006 on natural products for pets. This was up from the year 2001, during which $338,000,000.00 was spent. An estimated 71% of the expenditures were for food. This was followed by Cat Litter (20%) and health products (9%).

Dr. Neely is asked frequently to recommend the "best" food, "best" litter, "best" supplements, and many other products.

We are in an era that is emphasizing "premium" products for pets with concern for better health of pets being at an all-time high. What better place than a veterinarian website to promote your health-related products?

How do these demographic facts apply to the AskTheCatDoctor website?

Based on internet averages obtained from's unparalleled database of information about sites, the majority of Ask The Cat Doctor readers are females who are in the age range of 55-64 years old and have a college education, have no children, and browse this site from home. The visitors to AskTheCatDoctor are exactly the targeted audience that pet product advertisers are trying to reach!

What Sponsorship Offers You

To the right of this page, and every page of this site, there is a right-hand column that extends all the way to the end of the page. This column is the primary location for sponsor ads, although we can work with you if you have other preferences. This right-hand column is present on every page of our over 1800 page site. Your ad can be placed in this column on every page or just the home page or on any page(s) related to your product area (food, litter, health supplements, etc.) The price varies accordingly.

Naturally, the very large number of impressions your ad will receive if placed in this location on numerous pages will

- brand your business and

- direct-response market your product straight to your prospective, highly-targeted clientele.

Again, this persistent, repetitive, and positive exposure to your products by a trusted authority such as Dr. Neely can best deliver the results that you deserve from your advertising dollars.

Dr. Neely also likes to review the products offered by sponsors and write honest, objective articles. These reviews are included in the price of your sponsorship.

The Distinctive Essence of AskTheCatDoctor.Com Will Remain A Personal Blend Of Passion and Diligence. has been a journey of compassion and hard work. From a cat lover to a cat veterinarian, Dr. Neely has devoted her life to helping cat owners provide the best of care for their kitties. The website was established as an extension of those efforts in an attempt to reach cat owners all over the world.

The attempt has been quite successful. We hear from cat owners all over the U.S. as well as most countries around the world. They are very appreciate of the opportunity to learn from a cat expert the details about cat care that they do not have available in their own geographic area.

Visitors enjoy the distinctive essence of the AskTheCatDoctor.Com website. They report that they feel as though they are talking directly to Dr. Neely and sense immediately her warm, compassionate personality. To see Testimonials from readers, Click Here.

Many readers contribute their own thoughts to the site through comments and special C2 (contributing) pages. These cat owners help each other and they share their joys as well as their sorrows.

This is not your typical "business" website. We offer a very limited number of sponsorship opportunities and we hand pick our sponsors. We are more interested in quality than quantity - we insist on only forming a relationship with those sponsors who have a truly excellent product or service for cats. This results in a winning situation for all involved - our readers, and YOU.

Sponsorship Possibilities and Prices

AskTheCatDoctor.Com accepts a very small number of sponsors, limiting each category of product or service to only one sponsor.

Ad rates are based on...

• traffic (whether you want your ad displayed on every page throughout our site or just on specific pages)
• the size of the ad, the type of ad, and the location on a page

If you would like to know if there are sponsorship opportunities available, contact us by completing the form below. We will then be in touch with you and work together to ...

• brand your company ...and
• deliver your brand directly to the market that is looking for you.

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