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Brownish discharge and raised sore near the base of my cat's tail 
My 2 1/2 year old Himalayan had a gooey brown lump at the base of her tail, off to one side. She has an extremely full coat so I didn't notice it for a …

Elderly Cat Behavior 
My 17 year old cat has been missing for two days now. To give you some background, she has primarily been an indoor cat her entire life. She would go outside …

Brown Gooey Pus Coming out of a Cat's Wound 
Hi Dr. Neely, My boyfriend's cat, Trixie, was currently a victim to an accident from a few weeks ago. She obtained a few scratches but nothing too …

Rimadyl Side Effects in Cats 
Dear Dr. Neely, Four of my cats have been sterilized. I don't know why but the vet gave three injections of Rimadyl to each of them every other day …

My cat is trying to meow but nothing will come out 
My cat is trying to meow but no sound is coming out. Is she okay? Dear Kelli, Is this lack of meowing a new cat behavior? Was she once able to …

My 3yr or 4yr old cat has been acting wierd for a few days 
I'm so very worried about my cat. I’m 17 and my cat Princess has not been eating. Last night, I stayed up and watched her and she didn’t eat anything. …

Persian cat not doing well 
I have an older Persian cat that lies in the bathroom day and night and he has been doing this for a couple of weeks now. I notice that he bites at his …

Cat died unexpectedly 
Hi my cat died this weekend. I was clipping his nails, he was laying on his side and then all of assuden his front legs went stiff (like stretching but …

2 male indoor cats drooling and oozing liquid  
I have two fixed male cats that are always indoors. We recently got a dog from the SPCA and he has been here about two weeks. One of my cats is ok with …

Kitten With Scoliosis 
Dear Dr. Neely, I am fostering, for my local humane society, a 14 week old kitten named Swiffer that was diagnosed by my veterinarian with scoliosis. …

What is best to feed a cat recovering from serious injuries? 
Hi there, My cat is recovering from a recent dog attack. She was in severe shock and had a suspected punctured lung. She was stabilized with oxygen, …

Persian cat's fur only grew back weakly 
Dear Dr. Neely, My 3 year old female cat was completely shaved in March. This was the second time, as our vet has done this a year before as well. Last …

Lump on Cat's Anus 
I have a 12 week old kitten. I noticed a lump on the pink flesh of the neck of her anus a few days ago. It is still there today. It looks the same. …

Cat Defecating in Plant 
Please help me. My very affectionate cat keeps pooping in my plant. Why? ANSWER: The reason your cat defecates in your plant could be behavioral …

Cat has a small open wound on her nose 
Hi there, Dr. Neely, My cat goes outdoors during the day and comes home inside for the nights. A few days ago, I noticed a brownish spot on my cat's …

Cat Hair Loss 
QUESTION: I have a 5 year old female Siamese. She has no hair on her belly and now one armpit is starting to go. I do not think it's fleas because …

Cat Has Open Wound in Back 
Hello, My cat just came home with a hole in her back. I can see white stuff inside. I cleaned the wound. She has no problem about it. She is not …

Gas/Burping/Vomiting/Diarrhea in a Cat 
Hi All, So I am still experiencing difficulty with my cat, Obi - so I thought I would write a comprehensive history as best as I can and see if anybody …

I have two new kittens and they are are trying to get milk from my older cat 
I have 2 11-week old kittens that are trying to get milk from my older cat that is 5 yrs old. (not their mother.) I have had them for 3 weeks now and this …

Pregnant Cat/ recently had kittens - flea treatment - drool - keeps trying to clean herself 
Hey, We have recently taken in a stray cat - I originally thought she was a kitten as she was so small. However, that was a few weeks ago and I haven't …

Cat Problem  
Okay, my aunt has a very old cat and she is peeing and pooping all over the outside deck. We have tried getting mad and all that and I just don't know …

My kitten is losing hair. 
My kitten was born 8 days ago and for some reason he was born bald on the top of his head. Well, now he is starting to lose even more hair, on the side …

Cat vomiting episodes in a cat with urinary problems 
Why might my cat be vomiting? He is about 9 years old and on a prescription diet for feline urinary crystals, Hills c/d formula. My cat was diagnosed about …

Cat drooling and bad breath after cat fight 
My cat came back from outdoors the day before yesterday and had obviously been fighting with another cat. Since then he is drooling loads and his breath …

Greenish Mucous Discharge from my Cat 
QUESTION: In the last few days, my female 7-year-old cat Janie has had a greenish, thick discharge. Not sure but think it is vaginal. She never goes …

Cat Joint Health 
I have to keep the cat food up out of reach of the dog (about 36 inches off the kitchen floor). Will this leaping up and down over the years cause my cats …

Elderly Cat Not Eating: A Euthanasia Decision 
I have a 20 y/o obese cat with the following medical history: urinating outside the box for past couple of years, but much worse in last several months; …

Growth on my cat's nose bridge 
Hello, My cat has started a growth on the bridge of his nose and now its very big and soft as if it has liquid inside. Before this, he stopped eating …

Questions about Possible Cat Heart or Seizure Disorders 
Hi, My cat just came to me scrambling almost drunk. He could barely walk a few paces then he would fall as if off balance and it seemed to be caused …

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