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Dr. Neely can be seen on The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television. She recently joined FURminator, Inc., at the Lifetime network show's studios in Pompano Beach to tape 4 segments that discuss the importance of cat and dog grooming.

The unique FURminator deshedding tool as well as other grooming products by the company were featured in the series. Dr. Neely participated specifically in segments about dog and cat allergy symptoms and the role of the FUrminator deshedding tool in reducing allergens in the environment. View the pet allergies segment here.

The second segment focuses on the prevention of cat hairballs through the use of the cat FURminator. Watch the cat hairballs segment here and tune in to Lifetime network again on July 10th, 2012.

Dr. Neely has written several articles on both topics because these issues are dear to her heart. Speaking about her many years of practice, she says, "All too often, I have received phone calls from clients who have been told by their doctors that they are allergic to cats and need to get rid of their cats. I'm not in a position to tell people to totally ignore their doctor's advice, but I have seen many pet owners take steps to reduce the allergens in their environment and thus live comfortably with their pets instead of having to part with them. The FURminator deshedding tool and FURminator shampoos help tremendously in that process." She added in a recent interview, "Of course, the same is true for people with allergies to dogs. This advancement in cat and dog grooming gives some hope for allergy sufferers."

In addition, Dr. Neely has found the FURminator for cat to be a method of preventing feline hairballs, which is a big advancement over waiting until a cat has hairballs and then treating them.

The first segment, FURminator Solutions for Shedding & Allergies airs on June 12th at 7 am EST. The second segment, Preventing Hairballs From Happening will air on June 13th at 7 am EST. The second segment was taped on location at a Florida animal shelter. You can view sneak previews in the videos below.

Check your local listings and tune in June 26 and July 10, 2012 at 7 a.m. (EST) for this one-of-a-kind series on The Balancing Act airing on the Lifetime network. Pet parents everywhere who want the best for their pets won't want to miss this!

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SEGMENT ONE: FURminator Solutions for shedding & allergies -
Aired June 12th & June 26th

SEGMENT TWO: Preventing Hairballs From Happening -
Airing June 13th & July 10th

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