cat attacked by dogs, recovery time frame

by RH
(San Diego, CA)

Our four year old cat was rough played by our dogs and due to the extensive chasing, the cat has bruised lungs, fractured 12th rib, bruised stomach, puncture to abdomen but his health has been 4 days roller coaster. Blood pressure is a challenge, as is clotting. What is recovery time frame for this extensive injury list?

Hi, RH,

I could not begin to answer this without examining the cat, his medical records, x-rays, etc. You must ask the vet that is treating him. It sounds so serious that I hope he indeed recovers. Recovery can take a long time and requires patience, but only the vet treating him can tell you what his chances are and how extensive his injuries are and how long it can take.

I wish both of you well,
Dr. Neely

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