Cat Climbing Trees

Cat climbing trees are great ways to add enrichment and excitement to your cat’s life. Not only are cat condos a fun, decorative play center for your cats, but they often serve as a cat scratching post, as well. Carpeted cat furniture or sisal cat scratching posts are one of the many tools you can use to avoid having to declaw your cats, which is just one of the many benefits to adding a cat furniture tower to your living space!

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Deluxe Amusement Center

This awesome multilevel playhouse will make any cat fall in love. It combines a scratching post with a wonderful retreat and a perfect throne for your cat. This playhouse comes in Beige and Grey.


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Activity Lounge with Tunnel

This activity lounge will make all the neighbor’s cats jealous. It has toys attached to it and something for your cat to hang out in and climb around. It’s also a scratching post for those sharp pesky nails.

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Bi Level Activity Center and Lounge

Nothing makes your cat happier than this Bi Level Lounge and Activity Center. It comes with an attached toy and the different levels are decorated with leopard print.

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Cat condos and scratching posts can be decorative and functional. From cat tree houses that come with tunnels and hideouts or even toys attached to a simple cat scratching post with a curved, carpeted cat seat or two for afternoon lounging, cat climbing trees can accent your home’s décor and keep your cats entertained for hours.

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Majestic Casita 44” Cat Tree

Nothing says “I Love You” to your cat more than this faux fur cat tree. Your cat will love the different levels and the scratching post. Your cat is sure to love this absolute beauty.

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Cat Tower Hideout

After you introduce your cat to this wonderful playhouse combo, you won’t see your cat again. They will be too busy exploring the many levels of this hideaway and resting in the cool hangout at the top.


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Combo Scratching Platform

If you’re tired of being scratched with your cat’s nails and you are just too busy to clip them yourself, there is a solution. This combo scratching post, looks like its just another scratching post, but it isn’t. Your cat will love the two choices of having the scratching post all the down or at a slanted angle.


Cat climbing trees also make use of critical vertical space, especially in smaller living areas. If you live in a small apartment and have areas both you and your feline otherwise couldn’t make use of, fill the space with a cat condo! By spreading vertically instead of trying to use up your limited horizontal space, you’re giving your cat more room to play, sleep, and hang out without minimizing your living area.

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Deluxe Cat Cottage

This attractive, stylish, and efficient playhouse is also fun. Your cat will love exploring the different levels and climbing and playing in and around the tree. This cute “kitty cottage” is purfect for cats.

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Deluxe Double Cat Seat

Why waste money on cheap, clumsy, and ugly cat furniture when the solution is right in front of you. This deluxe cat seat is sure to bring comfort, fun, and style into your home and your cat’s life. You will never again have to deal with ugly furniture that just dulls your house and strains your eyes to look at.


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Double Cat Seat

This double cat seat is perfect for those of you with more than one cat. No cat can resist the comfortable seats and the pretty décor. Give your cats their own throne for sitting and looking out around their kingdom of your house.


For heavier, overweight cats, cat climbing trees also make life easier, providing different ways for your cat to use vertical space without having to jump. When my formerly 21-pound cat was unable to jump into windows, his cat furniture tower created an opportunity for him to get to higher spots in the house quickly and easily. (Of course now, being slimmer and healthier, he gets to enjoy his kitty cat condo even more!) Kittens also love having a cat tree condo to play hide and seek with one another, to chase each other around on, and to leap onto and off of.

My cats adore their cat climbing trees, playing and racing one another up and down them for hours at a time. The cat tree condo that sits in my dining room not only provides several nice perches, a little hideaway, and several cat scratching post surfaces, but it also provides access to an otherwise inaccessible window. And we all know how much our cats love to sit in windows!

So regardless of whether you're just looking for a new way to enrich your favorite feline's day-to-day life, have a cool way to access new heights and new places, or are trying to make the best use of your space, investing in high-quality cat climbing trees is a wise idea. Your feline will thank you for it!

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