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cat death


My cat was about a year old, and he was ok last playing a burring, and when my parents woke up in the morning they found him dead by his food dish. My cat had a booster shot on Saturday and apaired to be fine. My girlfriend believes that it could have been stress related due to coming into a new place also being declawed, please if you a had this problem from other people please let me know so i can bring closure to this thak you.


I am so, so sorry. That is so sad and you have my deepest sympathies. I can probably give you some insight as to the cause but I would have to have more information. I need a timeline more than anything else. I need to know when you got him, where he came from, how old was he when you got him, how many times did he see a vet, how many times was he vaccinated or was this the first. Was he tested for Felv/FIV and did he have a stool sample analyzed? When was he neutered? When was he declawed? What do you mean about coming into a new place? Did he have any prior history of illness? Did he live with other animals at any time? Did he go outdoors? Had he been thoroughly examined by a vet in your presence and did they ever tell you there was anything abnormal at all in his physical exam?

If you get back to me with the answers to these questions, I will try to help you.

Thank you,
Dr. Neely

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