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My cat is a healthy (a couple pounds overweight) 10 year old tabby neutered male. He is an indoor cat. A month ago he escaped out of the patio door and rumbled with a neighbor cat. Since then he has been limping, favoring one back leg. Doesn't jump anymore, but does go up and down stairs, albeit a bit slower. Went to a vet, they saw no broken bones or any other injury, prescribed some painkillers. Over the past week it has gotten worse - he seems to now be very wobbly and is dragging one of his back legs. His balance is off, doesn't walk in very straight lines anymore. Still does stairs, and even initiates play with his brother. Doesn't show any outward signs of pain (no howling, meowing, pacing, lethargy; he still eats fine). Do you have any recomendations on how to proceed?



Yes, he certainly needs to be rechecked. If they didn't do x-rays, he needs them. If they didn't examine his "knee-caps" carefully, they need to. If he didn't have bloodwork, he should have. There may indeed have been an injury, but it also could just be a coincidence and something else could be going on. I would be looking in particular for diabetes, potassium level, and do a complete neurologic exam. Go before it gets worse. Many things are treatable but not if we wait too long.

Let me know what happens. Thanks,
Dr. Neely

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