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This introduction to Feline Illnesses and Feline Medications discusses why cats get sick and what can be done to help them. Further down the page, you will find a table of all the major cat diseases which will lead you to additional pages about each individual disease.

Feline illnesses and feline medications are extremely similar to our illnesses and medications. That's because a cat's anatomy is almost identical to our anatomy.

So why do cats get sick? Because the same organs that can malfunction in our bodies also can malfunction in a cat's body and result in cat illnesses. Fortunately, there are often pet medications, good diets, preventative care and pet supplements to keep our cats healthy.

One other very important thing you can do for your cat's healthy future is to look into pet insurance. Cats are living longer and longer these days thanks to our ability to diagnose feline illnesses better and at earlier stages, and thanks to advancements in feline medications and other treatments. However, this advanced care that can keep your cat living longer and feeling better can be costly.

As you read through the many pages about specific feline diseases, keep in mind the value of preventative veterinarian check-ups and be reassured that so many of the illnesses cats acquire can be treated, allowing our pets to live long, comfortable lives.

The table below is a work in progress. It does not begin to list all of the hundreds of pages of information we have on this website about feline illnesses. If you are looking for something that you do not see in the table, be sure and check our Table of Contents in the left hand navigation bar as well as use the search boxes provided on every page at the top of the right hand column.

Also note that each box below that is devoted to a specific disease has a main page and then has related pages listed as well. Each box also has a link called "What Other Readers Have Said" that goes to the questions and answers about that particular topic submitted by your fellow readers. Sometimes there are dozens or even hundreds of questions with answers for a particular condition so don't hesitate to consult those areas as well. There is a great deal of valuable information to be found in the questions and answers for each category.


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