Cat illness

by Mary
(Nokesville, VA)


My cat is having problems. She usually chokes up part of what she eats, everytime she eats. She's been like that since we got her, 6 weeks old. Lately she has been making rattling noises when she breathes. It doesn't seem to get better. What could be the cause of this?

Hi, Mary,

The first thing I would be worried about is possible aspiration pneumonia if some of the food that comes back up got into her lungs. That's one possibility.

There are other things like feline asthma, lung congestion from heart disease .....the list can become long. I need more information to point you in the right direction.

Does the noise appear to be coming from her chest or her throat or her nose?

How old is she now?

When did this begin?

Is she otherwise acting normally? Is she eating, playing, as energetic as usual, etc.

Do you hear this with every breath she takes?

Is there any discharge coming from her eyes, nose, or mouth?

Does she go outdoors? Do you have other cats?

Did she see a vet ever about the problem she has had since she was a kitten? Was there a diagnosis, a reason given, for that?

If you answer these questions and tell me anything else you think relevant, I can give you a more informed answer. Just write your reply in the comment area of your question and I will answer you back. There will not be an additional charge for this.

Thank you,

Dr. Neely

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