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by a reader

photo by lowjumpingfrog

photo by lowjumpingfrog


My cat has a couple of lumps at the base of the tail.
These lumps are on the tail itself. She didn't have them last month. Now she does. Is this something I should be concerned about?

They don't hurt when I touch them. They are like small knots.


I don't really have enough information to answer the question. I'll give you what information I can.

You describe them as being like small knots. I am by no means trying to be condescending. However, I have had clients bring their cats in very concerned about lumps which they worry might be cancer. Upon examination, I find that they are knots, mats in the fur. I don't know if you have had the experience of seeing matts in a cat's fur or not. If not, it could be that simple.

Does your kitty go outdoors? If so, she could have been bitten by another animal and have little abscesses on her tail. Even if she's always indoors, are there other animals she lives with that could have bitten her?

Are the lumps hard or soft? If they are hard, they are of more concern than if they are soft. Hard would be more consistent with tumors. Soft could be fatty growths, abscesses, cysts.....

Sometimes cats' tails just get dirty, oily, particularly at the base of the tail. Little lumps, a bit like acne, can develop there. They would be fairly small and soft.

Feel free to write back if you'd like to give me more information. If the lumps are hard, though, I would definitely tell you to make an appointment with the vet.

If you write back, write in the comments section for this question.

Thank you,
Dr. Neely

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