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A cat photo contest is one of the many fun ways to celebrate and show off your kitty and have a chance to win some great prizes! Here at Ask the Cat Doctor, we are hosting pet photo contests frequently, with great contest prizes ranging from gift cards to products from our generous sponsors! And, for cat lovers without their own cat pictures, you will have the opportunity to view and comment on our readers' submissions, cat pics, and stories, and, depending on the particular contest rules, may even have the chance to vote on the winner!

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Animal photo contests are a source of fun and joy for all of us animal lovers, but, of course, here at Ask The Cat Doctor, we love to see cat photos. This page will include our current cat photo contest or links to our current monthly giveaways, as well as show you some of the cutest pet contest entries we've received in previous cat competitions.

Pet Contest: The Basics

It's simple, really! All you need to do is find some cat pics, kittens pictures, or take a new picture of your cat, then enter for your chance to win by completing a simple form! Be sure to check this page often for our current contest themes so you know what will make your kitty most likely to win!

Of course, there are rules and regulations for any contest, and the pet picture contest entry guidelines will be accessible from the current contest page.

Our Previous Caption Contests

Create a Cat Photo Caption!

Click on the contests below to enter your caption for the photos! Please be sure to include your name and email with all caption submissions so you may be contacted if you are chosen as a winner if the caption is part of a giveaway!

Win Treats from Nutro! 
This dog is Shaq, who greets us on one of our many house calls. Seem strange that this is a picture of a dog? It sure was quite the surprise when we showed …

Upcoming Pet Photo Contests

2012 is sure to have a lot of great opportunities for cat lovers to win some amazing prizes, thanks in large part to our generous sponsors. Details about the upcoming contest opportunities we will be hosting throughout the year will be posted on this page as they become available!

But, if you don't want to miss the announcement and would like to be among the first to know about our great contest opportunities...

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Previous Cat Photo Contests

Click here to view the winners of our monthly giveaways and previous cat photo contests!

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