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With the addition of this cat supply store, Ask The Cat Doctor does more than just supply the answers to your cat questions. We also offer a cat supply store filled with Cat Doctor recommended and cat-approved products to help keep your cats healthy and happy for years to come.

After 50 years of living with and loving cats, and over 20 years of providing veterinary care for cats exclusively, we know how confusing it can be to find just the right cat supplies. It can be downright overwhelming to try to sift through the thousands of products for cats to find the best ones.

Neko Flies

Want to give your furry friend a toy even he will think is real? Look no further than Neko Flies, the toys both look like the real deal and are designed to have realistic movements. Cats treat them as though it they are pursuing real live prey!

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Is there a stressful situation in your home? Your solution is finally here, with the help of Feliway. Cat pheromones help in many situations, including cases of inappropriate urination. For dog owners, we offer a similar product called Adaptil.

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Looking for a one-of-a-kind carrier? Your search is over with Sleepypod! It combines the most important components of pet travel safety into a few stylish packages. Your cat can be comfortable on the go or have a new bed to curl up in at home.

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Whole Life Pet Treats

Looking for the purrfect treat for your feline (or canine) family members? Whole Life Pet Treats are the ideal munchies to provide! These treats are freeze dried 100% pure protein, which means you can’t provide a healthier or more natural treat for your furry loved one.

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Water Fountains

Would you rather drink a glass of water that has been sitting out for the better part of a day or would you prefer to drink from a cool, running stream? Your cat would tell you quickly, they prefer moving water over stagnant water. Make a good investment with a water fountain for your thirsty feline.

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Food Bowls

Tired of having to wash bowls and dishes frequently? It’s time to invest in food bowls specifically for your furry family members. Whether they’re raised off the ground, modern colors, animal prints, or more.. our collection will surely contain something that fits your needs and style!

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If an emergency arose, do you have a safe place for your cat? An important purchase for any cat parent is a carrier. We have multiple shapes, styles, and colors that fit any cat or cat parents need. (Some fit small dogs too!)

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Climbing Trees and Scratching Posts

Looking for something cat friendly to add to your home and their environment? Our climbing trees and scratching posts may be exactly what you’re looking for! Not only will they provide enrichment for your furry friend, they will also help your furniture from being scratched to pieces.

Click here to browse our selection of Climbing Trees and Scratching Posts.

Litter Box Covers

Are you tired of having guests over, only to be embarrassed by your cat having to use his litter box in the middle of your entertaining? Concealing furniture provides cat owners the opportunity to have boxes in more places without having to worry about everyone seeing your cat’s private business.

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Flea Medicine

Who wants to deal with a flea infestation? We can assure you, neither you nor your kitty want to be bothered by pesky fleas. We're happy to offer our two favorite flea products, Frontline and Advantage.

Click here to browse our selection of Flea Medicine.

We all want to use cat care products that are safe, easy to use, and that will solve or prevent many of our cat health problems. This essential pet products section of Ask The Cat Doctor is designed to do just that. Our goal is to take the guess work out of shopping for your felines by showing you the products that are tried and true - used by us, our clients, and the cats we've come to know over the years.

The Cat Doctor’s Essential Cat Products includes many necessary cat care supplies such as litter boxes that your cat will use instead of avoid, feeders to address your cat’s eating needs, water fountains that will encourage drinking and promote better urinary tract health, nail care products to help prevent declawing, grooming tools to prevent hair balls and mats, the safest flea products, and much more. We have put together a collection of all of the things that you need to help maintain a healthy, happy cat.

The holidays are just around the corner! Get feline-festive with adorable cat Christmas cards, comfy holiday apparel, cat ornaments, home decor, and much more in The Cat Doctor's Christmas Cat Shop!

And, of course, we cannot forget the emotional well-being of our precious cats. As you may already know, an important part of caring for your cat is providing stimulation that keeps life exciting, interesting, and refreshing.

Cats need toys, but they need safe toys, and many of the ones offered in pet stores and on the internet simply are not safe. The Cat Doctor's recommended cat toys fit the bill of being both safe and entertaining. Whether it's a catnip toy, a new cat bed, a cat scratching post, or an elaborate cat condo or climbing tree for your kitty's birthday, a holiday, or just a Tuesday ...The Cat Doctor’s Essential Cat Products is the purrfect place to find cat-tested and cat-approved gifts for your cats!

At Ask The Cat Doctor, it's all about cats, all the time…just the way our favorite felines would want it!

If you have any questions about our products or would like to suggest particular items that you think we should add, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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