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Our cat talk radio show is the perfect place to go to find all of the answers to your cat questions, no matter how big or small. This online radio show gives you an opportunity to learn more about a variety of cat problems and cat care topics, ranging from the signs of cat illnesses to how to feed your cat. It’s also internet talk radio’s top place to go to get live answers from a cat vet for free!

While our show is temporarily postponed, we have archives of dozens of podcasts available that are sure to answer many of your cat questions! Click here to listen to prior episodes.

When tuning into the live episode, the clock will count down until the broadcast is on the air. Once it goes live, if the show does not play automatically, simply hit the play button that appears on the slideshow! (Should this button not appear, just refresh your browser window.)

If listening from a mobile device from the mobile site, please note that you will have to refresh your browser window if you arrive early, then click the Listen Live link!

If no "Listen Live" link appears at or after the show start time, you may either:

1.) Switch to the desktop version via the "View Desktop Version" link at the bottom of the mobile phone page, then search "Ask The Cat Doctor" in the search bar to find the current broadcast. You will now be on the desktop site, which functions as described above.


2.) Sign up for a free Blog Talk Radio account (some mobile phones seem to require this in order for you to adjust audio settings, but you may want to do this anyway, as this also allows you to chat with us via our live chat window!)

Dr. Shelby Neely (left) and co-host Nicole Rogers (right) in the radio show studio!

Please click here to view the Ask The Cat Doctor radio station on Blog Talk Radio!

Join in our chat room!

If you sign up for a free Blog Talk Radio account you can join in our chat room and talk to other listeners and even submit your questions for us to read during the live broadcast! Our chat room opens 5 minutes before the show.

Once you have a Blog Talk Radio account, simply scroll down on the episode page to just below the episode description to enter the chat room.

And even if you're in the chat room, you can still call in to (888) 342-0281 to ask your questions live on the air during the broadcast!

Is your cat sneezing? Are you wondering what the best diabetic cat food is or how to best treat feline kidney disease? Are cat symptoms making you wonder if it’s time for a trip to the vet?  Just as she does on this website and via social media, Dr. Shelby Neely will be answering all of these cat health questions and more, except now you can ask her personally, live on the air, on our cat talk radio show!

Even if poor cat health isn’t your concern right now, you can still join in as we discuss keeping your cat household happy.  We will give you honest opinions about the best cat toys and cat supplies and how to use cat pheromone products to keep your cat family feeling safe and happy.  Do you need advice on how to keep your cat entertained when you’re away for long periods of time? Are you at your wit's end dealing with litter box problems or fighting cats? The Ask The Cat Doctor radio show will provide answers to all these cat questions and more. Call in to (888) 342-0281 on Sundays and Wednesdays from 8PM to 9PM EST and Fridays from noon to 1 p.m. EST!

To learn more about Dr. Neely’s experience and qualifications as the internet’s go-to cat vet, please visit this page. For more information about Dr. Neely's co-host Nicole Rogers, please see this page.

More About The Show

In coming weeks, we will be joined by some very special guests, like cat vet specialists and even some real cat owners just like you who have learned to deal with many different cat problems. These guests and many more will join us in our cat talk radio show to help us cover important cat care topics, ranging from cat adoptions to emergency care to the debates about indoor/outdoor cats and declawing cats. For updates on what to expect from coming shows, please sign up for our free newsletter.  

Whether you plan to call in or just want to listen, our live internet radio broadcast is here to help educate and inspire you to give your cats the happiest, healthiest lives possible. We offer clear, honest opinions, advice and discussions about the cat care and cat news topics that matter the most. We will also be offering great sweepstakes, giveaways, and contest prizes to select callers each week!

For years, you've been able to get your questions answered on our website, Facebook, or Twitter, but Ask The Cat Doctor’s cat talk radio is the perfect place to have a real-time conversation with the cat vet behind this award-winning website. And even if you don’t call in, be sure to tune in. Cat talk radio will provide so much information about all of the things your cat wants you to know!

For business correspondence, including requests to appear as a guest on this online radio show, please contact us through our press page.

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