Selecting a Cat Water Fountain

Did you know most cats walk around a little dehydrated all the time? For this reason, a cat water fountain is a wise investment! Cats, just like humans, prefer fresh, cool drinking water at all times, which is why many cat lovers report watching their cats drinking from a fresh glass of water you just poured for yourself or having their cats hop up on the sink for water while you’re brushing your teeth. Better still are those frisky felines that hop in the shower after you’ve bathed, just to lick the drain!

Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

This cat water fountain is ideal for multiple-pet households, making it easy for several cats to drink at once. The motor on this unit is very quiet, and the atypical, modern design is sure to complement your home decor. Comes with changeable spout rings and a flow control cap to customize the flow to your kitty's liking.


As adorable as it may be to have your cat drinking from the kitchen or bathroom sink, or coming barreling in after you’ve finished your shower, it’s not always possible to leave the water running for them. And, the fact of the matter is, cats are more likely to drink if the water is fresh and moving.

Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel

This cute stainless steel water fountain is perfect for owners who have more than one cat. It allows many cats to drink at one time solving the problem of having to put two bowls down or your cats fighting.


Offering a cat water fountain for your cat to drink from keeps water fresh and tastier, which are things that stagnant bowl water lacks. If you think about it, would you want to drink a glass of water that has been sitting on the table for the better part of a day or would you prefer to drink from a cool, running stream?

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

This basic cat water fountain is quiet, and can hold 50 ounces of water. The replaceable charcoal filters offer better tasting, odorless, more oxygenated drinking water for your cats. The unit also features a reservoir attachment slot (reservoir sold separately) to hold an additional 50 ounces of water capacity.


Cats also seem to prefer moving water, which may be why you’ve caught your cat drinking off her paw, blowing bubbles, or splashing that stagnant water in his bowl before taking a drink. Your cat may be trying to create the illusion that the water is moving, not just playing around!

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

The Drinkwell Platinum provides the same patented flow of the Drinkwell Original fountain, but features a new snap on lid, a pre-filter to prevent larger particles from reaching the motor, and a submersible pump, making it nearly silent. The newer, more elegant design also offers over a gallon capacity and a higher spout.


It is important for all cats to get enough moisture for a number of reasons, but most importantly, for overall feline urinary tract health. For cats with a history of urinary tract blockages and crystals or those dealing with feline kidney disease, a cat water fountain is an essential cat supply to have at home.

Drinkwell Lotus Pet Fountain

This fountain gives your cat not only water, but pure, fresh, and calming relaxation. This lotus fountain is designed top be as calming and relaxing as the flower it was named for.


A cat water fountain will encourage your kitty to drink more. Because the amount of moisture in a cat’s body provides critical support to the urinary and kidney systems, the better hydrated your kitty, the healthier they will be! And, this is true even for cats that are otherwise healthy and have great urinary tract health.

Drinkwell Zen Fountain

This strong, but peaceful fountain offers your cat a gallon of fresh, and purified water. It even has a stream for those of you who have cats who like moving water. Your cat will never go back to drinking normal water again.


Drinkwell Avalon Stoneware Pet Fountain

This beautiful red stoneware fountain is elegant, easy to clean, and holds 70 ounces of cool water for your cats to drink at their leisure.


Pet Fountain Accessories

Proper care of your pet water fountain is an important part of owning one. Stock up on replacement filters for replacement every 6-8 weeks and be sure to have the proper cleaning tools. Keeping your cat fountains clean and running at their best will keep your cats at their healthiest!

Drinkwell 360 Replacement Filters

This 3-pack of charcoal filters, designed for use exclusively in your Drinkwell 360 cat fountain, will remove large particles and any bad tastes or odors from your cats' water.


Drinkwell Original Replacement Filters

Designed for use in the Drinkwell Original and Platinum fountains, this 3-pack of charcoal filters is designed with 6 compartments to keep your pet's water evenly filtered. It's recommended that these filters get replaced every 2-4 weeks.


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