Cat with high white blood cell count

by Garfield

I took my cat to the veterinarian. There, I found out that she has a high white blood cell count. My cat got tested for feline leukemia, and the test came negative. She's a indoor cat.

The veterinarians have had my cat on IV's and she's not eating. What could be going wrong with my cats health?

Dear Garfield,

A high white blood cell count usually indicates an infection or virus, but without knowing all of the details of your cat's illness symptoms or seeing your cat in person, I can't even begin to list all of the possible causes for her bloodwork results. What I can do, though, is make some recommendations for things that should be further investigated with your veterinarian.

Did your veterinarian also do an FIV test? If not, you should request that they do so. Also, make sure your veterinarian has done complete bloodwork, covering every organ, including your cat's thyroid level if she is over 8 years old. And I would also suggest that your veterinarian perform a thorough exam of your cat's teeth and mouth, a common site of infection in cats.

Because a high white blood cell count is usually an indication of an infection or virus in cats, does your veterinarian have your kitty on feline antibiotics? This may not be what your kitty needs, but it would be worth discussing with your vet and at least finding out if this is part of your cat's treatment regimen.

Unfortunately, I don't have nearly enough information to tell you what is going wrong with your kitty. If you would like to write back with more information, you are welcome to do so. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, your veterinarian will have more information for you regarding your cat's condition and any necessary treatment.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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