Cat with one eye closed

by Jaimie
(Palm Springs, CA)

I just brought my cat inside after letting wander in the garden for an hour. His left eye was shut and watery. I think something got into his eye and is irritating it.

When I try to look at my cat's eye, he shuts it even harder. If there is something in his eye, how do i extract it?

Dear Jaimie,

Without seeing your cat in person, there is no way for me to possibly say whether your cat has something in his eye. He could have dust or dirt or some other foreign object in his eye, or he may have been bitten or stung or had something scratch his eye.

If there is a foreign object in your cat's eye, there is nothing you should do to extract it. The only thing I could suggest that would be safe to try would be to purchase a plain saline solution, similar to contact solution but with no other chemicals. You can use this solution if your cat will allow you to hold his eye open to flush a steady stream in his eye to remove any dirt or dust.

However, it sounds as though a trip to the veterinarian is in order. Remember, your cat only has two eyes, so caring for them is especially important!

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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