Cat with Pale Gums

by Lisa
(Oceanside )


Tomis is a healthy, active outdoor neutered male, unknown age, has received his shots, several years ago. He gets in lots of territorial battles. Tomis is eating, drinking, going to the bathroom just fine. His apartment complex is infested with fleas. He has received Advantage, and a neighbor gave him some other flea treatments. In the past few days, Tomis has begun limping on his left front leg, acting like it really hurts to use it. His gums are becoming paler. He has several scabbed-over wounds on his body but nothing that looks infected or abcessed. Any idea what may be going on the Tomis? Thank you for considering this question.

Dear Lisa,

Tomis needs to be seen by a vet. Pale gums usually indicate anemia and he certainly is at risk for anemia. Fleas can cause anemia. He also is at risk for having contracted Feline Leukemia or FIV from fights with other cats and both diseases cause anemia.

In regards to his limp, it's impossible to know what that is from. The two most likely causes are: (1) a bite from another animal that has not yet formed an abscess so it is difficult to see (2) trauma of some sort, either from falling from a high place or even having a run-in with an automobile.

I hope he can receive vet attention right away.

Thank you for writing.
Dr. Neely

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