Cat's red cloudy eye


My 1 year old cat's eye is cloudy and red. It looks like a fake red glass eye or something. I brought him to the veterinarian today and they did some tests and gave me 4 different medicines for him, but the vet said he had no idea what it is and has never seen anything like it.

He checked for scratches but found nothing. There is no discharge and it doesn't seem to bother the cat at all. He is a little less active, but that's about it.

What's wrong with the little guy? I'm supposed to go back in two weeks for a checkup.


If the veterinarian didn't know what was wrong with your cat's eye, how could he know what medications to give? You need to see another veterinarian and long before 2 weeks. It is possible your cat's eye and vision could still be saved with proper treatment.

Without examining him personally, I could not say what it is, but possibilities include uveitis or glaucoma (both abnormalities in the pressure within the eye), systemic hypertension, a luxated lens, or several different other things all of which can be very serious.

Even if it involves driving a bit further, is there another veterinarian you could take your cat to see? Is there a veterinary ophthalmologist at a referral center anywhere near you? A vet school anywhere near you? A veterinarian known for really loving cats and perhaps having more experience with them?

Please if you can, find another vet. Without a proper diagnosis, your cat cannot definitely be getting the proper treatment and can lose his vision and eye and perhaps even have spread of the condition to the other eye.

Good luck
Dr. Neely

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