Cat Upper Respiratory Infection

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From Feline Rhinotracheitis and Other Viruses

Cat Upper Respiratory Infections may include cat sneezing, feline conjunctivitis, and other symptoms and is most often caused by one of several respiratory viruses that affect cats. Cat Upper Respiratory Infection is what many of us probably refer to as a "cold". As in people, it can include sneezing, stuffy nose, cough, lethargy, decreased appetite, and fever. In addition to these symptoms, cats often have ocular involvement - red and runny eyes, which can sometimes become very serious, especially if untreated.

Although the cause of a cat upper respiratory infection is most often a virus, cats are quick to get secondary bacterial infections and may need feline antibiotics. Many of the antibiotics for cats are identical to those humans take, but not all of them and certainly not at the same dosages. You should NEVER give your cat your own medication. That applies to any medication, not just antibiotics. You can kill your kitty if you give him certain drugs that are perfectly safe for you, but toxic to him. Cats need their own cat medicines that are known to be safe for them. Always consult a veterinarian before you give anything to your cat.

A sneezing feline often comes into my hospital because his "cold" has diminished his appetite. Cats with respiratory disease can get dehydrated and very sick if not treated.

To learn more about each of those symptoms as well as diagnosis and treatment, scroll down the page and read the various questions and answers about feline respiratory infections. It is so important to learn about kitty colds because they can have very serious consequences if not detected and treated quickly.

photo by Yajico

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