Dog Pheromones: Adaptil
DAP Collar, Spray, and Diffuser Options

While cats have Feliway, dogs have options like an Adaptil DAP collar, spray, or diffuser to help ease the stress and anxiety in their lives. DAP stands for Dog Appeasing Pheromone, and is a chemical used to help sooth dogs suffering from fears and anxieties from dog separation anxiety to excessive stress-barking to even fears of thunder and lightning or fireworks.

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Adaptil (Formerly DAP) Diffuser

This unit plugs in to a standard wall outlet, much as a standard plug-in room deordorizer. One electric diffuser covers approximately 500-700 square feet for up to 4 weeks.


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Adaptil Electric Diffuser Refill

48mL vial that fits Adaptil diffusers and lasts up to 4 weeks. Please note that this refill only fits the Adaptil branded diffuser and will not fit a D.A.P. diffuser. If you have an older diffuser model, an upgrade is needed.


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Adaptil (Formerly DAP) Collar

Considered the most potent dog pheromone product, your dog's body heat helps release the pheromone wherever he goes. One collar lasts about 30 days.

Puppy/Small Dog (fits up to a 15-inch neck) = $22
Medium/Large Dog (fits up to a 25-inch neck) = $26

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Adaptil Spray

One 60mL bottle of spray is ideal for spot-treating your dog's favorite areas and/or any areas where he may inappropriately eliminate in your home.


Even as a cats-only website, we do recognize that many of you also have a dog that shares his home with your kitties. And if you asked your cat, surely he would tell you how your dogs can get lonely, frightened, anxious and generally emotionally unbalanced when they are left at home, or in a car or have to travel or go to obedience class, or any of the many things that don't actually concern a cat!

But because of our compassion for the dogs who share our cats' lives, we want to let you know all about the canine version of Feliway - called Adaptil (it used to be called DAP for Dog Appeasing Pheromone) and encourage you to give your dog what basically amounts to a "Linus blankie" for those stressful moments in modern life.

The chemical in Adaptil, formerly known as DAP, is designed to mimic the stress-relieving pheromones a nursing mother emits while nursing her puppies and has been proven to help reduce a number of behavioral problems, such as excessive barking, nervous habits like chewing, and even marking with urine, that are all associated with stress.

Ideally, a DAP diffuser, which covers approximately 500-700 square feet for 4 weeks, should be placed in every room, or at least every floor, of your home to create a comfort zone for your dog. The DAP spray is wonderful for spot treating areas like beds and other zones where your dog needs extra comforting. But ultimately, the best is the DAP collar, which brings the benefits of these dog appeasing pheromones everywhere your dog goes!

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