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Why should you buy Feliway? Feliway and cat pheromone products are life changers for cats and their owners everywhere. A pheromone is a chemical secreted or excreted by a species that has the capability to act outside the body and affect the behavior of other members of the same species. These pheromones can act as alarms, food alerts, mating calls, territory possession declarations, and other signals that affect behavior or physiology. Or, in the case of Feliway, a comfort zone can be created for your feline friends.

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I'm sure you've noticed your cat rubbing the side of his face against your furniture, you, your belongings or even another cat. He is using pheromones secreted from the side of his face to claim you, your things, and even the other kitties in your household as his own. By doing so, he can recognize that you are something in his environment that is important and reassuring, as opposed to being something to fear.

Used most often for cases of inappropriate urination and fighting cats, you can also buy Feliway to help with stress in many other situations as well. Traveling, moving to a new home, adjusting to the addition of a new cat, staying in a boarding facility ... these are but a few of the situations that may be helped with pheromones. Generally, any stressful situation may be made less stressful for your cat with the application of pheromones. These synthetic cat pheromone products may also help prevent cats from scratching on furniture by redirecting their efforts to scratching posts.

Buy Feliway Electric Diffuser

One diffuser covers 500-750 square feet of your home to create an overall comfort zone for your feline!


Buy Feliway Diffuser Refill

After about 4 weeks, your diffuser will need these 48 mL vial Feliway refills to continue to see the pheromone benefits.


How do pheromones work to reduce or eliminate urinating outside the box?

The answer is fairly simple. Cats won't urinate where they rub their facial pheromones. Remember, a cat uses pheromones secreted from the sides of her face to claim you or your things as her's. The reason cats do that is so they can recognize the things in the environment that are reassuring and not to be feared. Therefore, if we place synthetic cat pheromones around the house, your cat will find those areas comforting and cats simply don't urinate on their comfort zones.

For this purpose especially, Feliway feline behavior modification spray is highly recommended. When applied to surfaces at about nose-height, or 8-inches from the floor, the cat thinks that areas sprayed with this product are areas she herself marked with her facial pheromones. This creates a positive association with the object or area and makes the cat assume it's a safe, relaxing place. The diffusers should also be placed throughout the home, because unless you spray every square inch, you may miss some areas your kitty is tempted to mark!

Studies have proven that urine spraying is reduced by using Feliway in 70-97 percent of cases, regardless of the underlying cause of this behavior. For more information about the use of pheromones for cases of inappropriate elimination, be sure to check out Dr. Neely’s upcoming book that serves as an essential guide to preventing and reversing cat litter box behavior problems, and in the meantime buy Feliway and give it a try!

Feliway Feline Behavior Modification spray

Use daily for 30 days to help reduce the urine marking in your home!


Are cat pheromones right for your kitties?

Statistics show, and various studies have proven, that cat facial pheromone therapy can make a tremendous difference in virtually every behavioral cat problem. So whether your cats are fighting, your kitty has been spraying, you are moving, or even if you’re trying to help stimulate your elderly cat’s appetite, investing in cat pheromone products is a wise choice!

I’m even starting to believe that every cat household, regardless of the stress levels within your four walls, should have cat pheromone products throughout. If it could make that much of a difference in so many behavioral problems, I strongly believe in the capacity of these products to prevent cat behavior problems … and to make your cats happier.

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