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Funny Cat Videos. Why are they funny? Is it because the main actors are cats? Or is it because the format is video? Or perhaps both?

If so, why are cats funny? They're known as being sleek, graceful, aloof, and beautiful creatures. That's hardly funny. However, is it that very set of characteristics that makes cats a great target for humor?

I believe it is. Because they ARE such prim, proper, graceful, regal beings, it is particularly humorous when they are caught behaving just the opposite.

It is similar to what happens when a prominent political figure stumbles while exiting from his jet or a famous model falls on the catwalk. We find that so much funnier than when an "ordinary" friend or family member makes the same clumsy mistake. That's because we have a preconceived notion that the prominent political figure and the famous model are "in control", above reproach, more sophisticated and less susceptible to mistakes than the common man.

The same is true for cats. We have a different preconception about cats than we do about dogs or other animals. Again, we expect cats to be graceful, regal, aloof and independent (or so we are told) and when we see just the opposite, it is funny.

The video aspect plays a role also. A single picture of a cat or a person, for that matter, in a clumsy position may be funny, but a series of pictures capturing the entire event (a video) is much funnier.

Put the two together (video and a cat doing something uncharacteristic of cats) and you've got ....well, funnny cat videos!

What a great selection of cute cats playing with an iPad!

A cute video of our cats playing iPad games!

Thank you to our new House Calls for Cats clients for sending in this adorable video of Tucker's kitten antics!

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