House Calls for Cats by Ask The Cat Doctor


House Calls for Cats by Ask The Cat Doctor


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Dr. Shelby Neely

May 6, 2011

Mobile Veterinary Visits are wonderful! They are the best way to go - for me, and especially for the kitties!

I have two big kitties, whom I love dearly. But it is so hard to get them to Dr. Neely when they need checkups. As soon as the cat boxes come out, the cats disappear. I tried bringing the boxes days early - but they have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing which day I am going to try and put them in their boxes. They run and hide, when I find them the fur flies - they are upset, I am upset. They howl all the way down the elevator and across the parking lot to the car. They cry all the way on the drive to the doctor's office. They're scared to bits. You know what I mean.

When Dr. Neely came to our apartment for the kitty checkups, Hobbes and Tiggy were much more relaxed. They like people, and they know who likes them. We had a table set up for their exams. Dr. Neely and her assistant not only gave them their exams, and took blood work, but also micro-chipped them!

What a relief for all of us! It was a fun visit! Mobile Veterinary Visits are the way to go! Try it - you'll have no howls, no scared kitties and lots of smiles and purrs!

Mobile Veterinary Visits are really the purr-fect way to go! Especially if the veterinarian is Dr. Shelby Neely!


Ask The Cat Doctor
House Calls for Cats

Providing mobile veterinary services for 20 years to Delaware County and Montgomery County in Southeastern Pennsylvania, including:


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Ask The Cat Doctor House Calls for Cats
are available by appointment only.

For more information or to arrange a cat house call, please call (610) 449-CATS (2287).



Why Should You Try House Calls for Cats?


Ever notice how your furry felines vanish from sight the second they see that cat carrier come out? Remember the last time you had to hunt for what seemed like hours to find your cat to bring to your local vet? You know how difficult it is to get your cat into the carrier once you find him? We all know our beloved cats dread going to the vet, and not many pet owners enjoy those trips either!

For most cats, trips to veterinarians can cause unwanted amounts of stress. Cats are always more relaxed and comfortable in their own territory rather than at a veterinary clinic. So, what could be better than a mobile veterinary clinic that can reduce the stress for you AND your cat and still give you the same veterinarian services? Why waste all that time and energy getting your cat into a carrier when you can call upon a house call vet?!

To read some of our stories of our house call experiences, please click here.



Why Does Dr. Neely Offer Cat House Calls?


As a new vet school graduate 20 years ago, Dr. Neely began her own mobile veterinarian practice for cats only. Over the years, her practice transitioned into a more traditional veterinary hospital, but house cat house calls have always been a part of Dr. Neely’s passion. Getting personal with her clients and their precious cats has always been part of Dr. Neely’s vision of caring for cats, and nothing provides the opportunity to get to know you and your cat better than interacting with you in the relaxed, natural environment of your own home.

While Dr. Neely has continued over the last 20 years to offer limited house calls for cats, in celebration of 20 years of providing vet services for cats as a cat only vet, she is returning to her roots by transitioning her practice back to a cat house call practice.



Our Mission


The mission of Ask The Cat Doctor Housecalls for Cats is to provide the same great veterinarian services in the comfort of your cat’s home, making the experience of a veterinary exam and necessary procedures as relaxed and flexible as possible. By traveling to our patients, we believe we can offer better veterinary advice for cats because we have the opportunity to assess your feline’s living situation and how feline medical and behavioral problems can best be addressed in that environment.

We take pride in our ability to educate our clients, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their cat health care. With an emphasis on preventative cat care and well visits, we work with our clients to ensure that your cats will live healthy lives from kitten-hood well into their golden years. And, above all, we are committed to practicing veterinary house calls and veterinary medicine with the same ethics and high standards as that of a traditional veterinarian practice.





Who Benefits from Vet House Calls?


There are many advantages of mobile vet services for individuals in all kinds of situations. If you are a busy professional, an overloaded parent, a senior citizen, or are suffering from a physical disability, a house call for your cat will likely be the best option for providing routine health care for your cat. House call vets can provide veterinarian services around your schedule and physical needs.

If you have more than one kitty in your household, house calls for cats also provide a wonderful opportunity to have your cat care provided all in one trip, without the hassle of transporting all of your cats to the veterinarian. Imagine how nice it would be to have your feline vaccinations on the same schedule for each cat!

These special-circumstance individuals, however, are not the only ones that will benefit from house calls for cats. As we mentioned before, your cats are often very stressed by being put in their cat carriers. During routine visits to local veterinarians, your cat also has to cope with the stress of a car ride and being exposed to all of the sights, sounds, and smells of a traditional veterinary clinic. Your cat wants nothing to do with any of this!



What to Expect on a House Call Vet Visit


Your vet house call will typically last 15-30 minutes per cat in your home. That’s a substantial decrease in the amount of time out of your day your would spend if your were taking your cat to the vet hospital. It can take 2 to 3 hours for a traditional vet visit between time spent getting your cat in a carrier, traveling to the veterinarians, waiting in the waiting room, and, of course, the exam itself and the trip back home. The vet home visit will be much more “laid-back” than your typical office visit, while still offering the same thorough and professional care for your feline friend.


Services Provided by Ask The Cat Doctor Housecalls


We offer a full range of cats veterinary services at House Calls for Cats, including but not limited to:

- Complete and thorough feline veterinary physical exams

- Preventative medicine through well visit exams, feline vaccines, cat flea control, and deworming treatments

- Diagnostic internal medicine services for your cats health problems, including bloodwork, urinalysis, and fecal exams

- Senior cat healthcare assessments, including monitoring of organ function and convenient fluid and hydration therapies

- Treatment of feline illnesses with prescription feline medicines and prescription diets

- Cat microchipping and microchip scanning

- Personalized cat behavior counseling, including recommendations for your unique cat scratching, biting, and urine-marking or spraying issues

- Personalized, high-quality referrals for veterinary cat specialists in the fields of cardiology, dentistry, ophthalmology, surgery, and many more

- Transport services for sick or injured cats requiring hospitalization and monitoring, surgery, or specialist care

- Private, compassionate in-home euthanasia, providing your kitty the chance to pass peacefully in the comfort of his or her own home, in a favorite bed, curled up on a favorite blanket, or relaxed in your own arms

Overall, the cat health care your favorite feline receives during a visit from your home visit vet will be BETTER than that which he has received in a veterinary clinic due to the reduced stress on you and your kitty. Your feline’s behavior and vital signs will not be influenced by the environment, which can be especially important for services such as blood glucose testing for cat diabetes, heart monitoring for feline hyperthyroidism, and behavioral consults, to name only a few! Even for well visits, your kitty will be getting the most accurate physical examination possible from house calls for cats.

So call us today at (610) 449-CATS (2287) to discuss the possibility that House Calls for Cats would be the cat's whiskers for your fabulous feline!




House Call Stories

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Please give us a call at (610) 449-CATS (2287) and we will be happy to answer your questions about house calls for cats!