Jada and Serenity, Gone but will never be forgotten.

by Shelby

Jada and Serenity were my babies. Jada was a Tortie point Himalayan and Serenity was a calico Persian. They had the same dad, different moms. They were always together, even at the end.

Both were healthy, and never showed any signs of being sick. I moved down to Texas and they, of course, came with me. However, things didn't work out down in Texas, so we moved back to Michigan. Both cats were fine or, at least, put on a really good show of being fine.

A few days ago, they started being picky eaters. I had gotten a different type of food, hair ball control, and they refused to touch it. I was not going to force them to eat it so I went back to the old brand of food that they did like. They, however, barely ate that. I got worried, and was going to take both cats in to see a vet. Before I had a chance to, they both passed away.

This happened last night and I don't think I will ever completely be able to get over this loss. They were my babies, my heart, and now they are just gone. The worst part of this is that I was not there when they passed. I came home to find them laying together. I need to know what happened to them.

Rest in peace Jada and Serenity.

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Sorry for your loss
by: Shahid

Sorry for your loss! I lost my baby Dusty in January. May they rest in peace!

Sorry For Your Loss
by: Anonymous

Sorry for your loss, I lost my baby Safeway almost 4 years ago and it still seems like yesterday I miss her everyday.

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