Litter Box Cover Options:
Ways to Disguise & Optimize
Having a Cat Litter Box

A litter box cover is a great option for cat owners with small spaces or elegant décor, combining the important function of a cat washroom with the convenience of having it hidden. Concealing furniture provides cat owners everywhere the opportunity to have more boxes in more places, including in your main living space.

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Wicker Litter Box Cover - LARGE

This cover gives an old-fashioned look to any space. It's made of wicker, so it goes nicely with a room that has plenty of wicker chairs or baskets. Your cat will enjoy the privacy and you will enjoy not having to see what's in the box whenever you step into the room!

Available in brown or natural colors.

20" D x 19" H x 16" W

For litter pans up to 15" W x 18.5" L


We all know how unsightly the cat litter box can be, but with a designer litter box cover, your cat has access to the litter pan without the whole world having to see it. A cat litter cabinet both removes the eyesore of the cat box and provides some privacy for your feline at the same time.

WIcker Litter Box Cover - JUMBO

This litter box cover has a natural, unobstructed feel to it. It will brighten any where you put it and your cat is sure to enjoy the nice spacious room inside. You no longer have to hide the litter box in a small, dark, horrible closet or bedroom to keep it away from the eyes of your guests.

Available in brown or natural colors.

23.5" D x 20" H x 18" W

For litter pans up to 17" W x 22" L


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Having an easily hidden litter box isn’t possible for everyone. When you live in a small space, you often need to have a box somewhere in your main living area. Or, if you have many cats, following the rule of having one more litter box than the number of cats you have can be tricky without having to put pans in inconvenient places throughout your home.

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Cat Washroom & Nightstand

This duel functioning litter box is disguised as a nightstand so you can use it as both! You can keep your belongings ontop of it and still be able to have a nice space for your cat to use the facilities.

Available in three colors: white, walnut, and espresso.


Generally speaking, getting furniture or a cover is a smarter idea than purchasing a hooded litter box. The covered area’s ceiling height is usually significantly higher than those boxes with plastic hoods, which means your cat can stand much more comfortably inside. The other major advantage is that, by purchasing litter box furniture, your living space can be much more usable. A great cover can serve more than one function, often providing a shelf or two and an end table surface for lamps, cat-safe plants, books, and more.

Cat Washroom Bench

This innovative litter box is disguised as a bench. You can place it in the laundry room or a more public place. Your guests will never be able to guess what is inside your bench!

Available in white and walnut colors.


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Whether you're shopping for your cat's privacy, looking to compliment your decor, trying to maximize use of a small space, or just want to remove the eyesore, these are The Cat Doctor's top picks for ways to conceal that cat pan!

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