My Cat Is Wobbly
and Her Eyes Are Dilated

(a reader)


I found my cat this morning sitting in her outside cage. When she came out, she was very wobbly. I brought her inside and fed her some cat food. After about 1 hour she vomited.

I put her back in her cage where she stayed all day. When I checked on her around 12, her eyes were dilated. It did not register with me until tonight when i took her out of her cage. She started to bump into things.

Do you think she could be poisoned or have Lyme Disease?

I gave her some chicken around 3 which she did keep down.

Please help.
Thank You


I do not believe Lyme disease has anything to do with this. Poisoning is a possibility. However, there are so many possibilities, I could not begin to say. She needs to see a vet right away. Her vision may be able to be saved. Her life may be saved. She needs a complete exam and bloodwork and whatever the vet needs in order to diagnose her problem. And it needs to be today!

I hope you can get help for her and she can be treated. Feel free to write back and update us.

Thank you for writing. Good Luck,
Dr. Neely

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