Sick kitty breathing with mouth open

by Denequ
(BC, Canada)

We just moved and our cat got out and went missing for about three days. He came back and seemed fine for about a day. Then, my cat got really antisocial and slept a lot. Soon after, he started to have breathing problems and stopped eating and drinking. He also has a third eyelid showing.

We took the cat to the vet today, who said he has a virus like a cold and he just has to pass it by, and we can't do anything for him. He just gave him some fluids by IV. But tonight, my cat seems to be breathing with his mouth open a lot and really slow, huffy breaths and wheezing.

What can I do? I worry he should be on antibiotics for pneumonia. Please help!

Dear Denequ,

A cat breathing with his mouth open is a serious veterinary emergency. While we try our best to answer questions as quickly as possible, we are not available to answer questions at all times, and even if we were, would not be able to do anything to help your cat over the internet. Whenever a cat is struggling to breathe, emergency veterinary care is necessary, and every moment that passes could make the difference between life and death.

Kindest regards,
Dr. Neely

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