Greta writes


"Thank you for your helpful response. I'm so glad that I wrote in. Thanks again for your help. It is nice to get a 2nd opinion on the course of action at this stage."





"Thank you, Dr. Neely! Mommy said she couldn't have imagined you would take so much time to write back to us with such detail! I'm so glad you helped my parents figure out my problem because even though I like to do things most cats meow at, going to the doctor is not one of them!"


Love, Emily





I just want to thank you for having such a great website."Nicole from Niagara Falls




"Thanks for your input!"






Thank you so much for your advice. Now I know what to look for."






"Thank you so much for your response. I really appreciate it!"







"Thank you!!!!!

That really helped. It's been a while since he's thrownup after eating. He has also gained weight and filled out some of the sagging skin he had when we got him!

Thanks for the advice! He is thriving now and seems really happy!

I really appreciate your response... Thank you!"





"Dr. Neely,Thanx4 your good replyThanks much for your complete and to-the-point answer to my post."



"Thank you. Thank you so much
for answering my question you have helped me lots"





"Thanks so much,You provide a great service,"




"Hello Dr. Neely,

Just wanted to let you know that my kitten was spayed on Tuesday with all of your suggestions (sevo/torbugesic injection, pre-anesthesia bloodwork, anesthesia monitoring, ecg monitoring, IV fluid therapy, etc.) and she came through it very well with no complications.

Again, thanks so very much for your professional advise."

Sincerely, Ron






"Thanks for the great information. I will be pursuing your recommendations. Again, thanks for all your help..."




"Thanks for advice. Thank you very much for your advice; your opinion confirms my thoughts. "






"Hello, Thank you for all you help. It is great to have a website like this. I am very happy it was nothing serious.Thanks again,"





"Your website is helpful
and a good resource for pet owners. Thank-you"





"Thank you for getting back to me so fast.
Thank you for your time!"





"Thank you so much for your response
to my question, it does help."




"I would suggest to everyone out there to use the internet to keep themselves well informed in regard to their pets welfare.
Thank You."


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