Treating injury to cat's tail

by Ernie
(British Columbia)

Our cat's tail was caught in a closing door and the fur and skin was removed from the tip of the tail, leaving bone exposed. How can we treat the cat injury?


If you haven't done so already, run, don't walk, to a veterinarian right away! You need to see a veterinarian immediately. Your cat's tail wound needs to be sealed, your cat needs to be on antibiotics, and he needs medical attention to prevent him from chewing on his tail. Cats with tail injuries often chew on the tail and make their injuries even worse.

As stated on this page regarding another cat tail injury, seeking immediate care from an emergency veterinary hospital is critical. We are not available to be online at all times, and cannot take emergency questions. But, even if we could be available at all times, there is nothing that could be done via the internet to treat your cat's wounds.

There is nothing you, personally, can do to treat your cat's tail wound except to bring him for veterinary care.

Dr. Neely

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