Whole Life Pet Treats

Whole Life Pet Treats are the treats your kitty craves! These treats are freeze dried 100% pure protein. You couldn’t provide a healthier or more natural treat for your furry loved one.

The wonderful thing about Whole Life Pet Treats is that they are all natural, made with hormone-free, free-range, organic meat that meets the standards of what we, as humans, would eat. There are no chemicals, preservatives, or artificial fillers. These seemingly small things are so important and are, sadly, things that many pet food and treat makers ignore. But making sure your cat is fed healthy food is a top priority, and this includes even the treats we feed our pets.

100% Pure Chicken

1 oz bag = $6

100% Pure Turkey

1 oz bag = $6

100% Pure Salmon

1 oz bag = $6

Is your kitty a diabetic? If so, or even if not, the Whole Life Pet Treats line is a wonderful option to both control a diabetic’s carbohydrate consumption and provide a healthier treat for non- and pre-diabetic cats. As you may or may not know, it is not good for a diabetic cat to have most brands of kitty treats because they are typically very high in carbohydrates. To learn more about the issue of carbs with diabetes, please read about diabetic cats here. But in a nut shell, cats are true carnivores and they do not need carbohydrates at all. High protein, moderate fat, and low carbohydrates is what your beloved feline’s body needs.

If your kitty has weight, digestive, or food allergy problems, these pet treats are a fantastic option as well. By offering just a single, freeze-dried source of yummy protein, your cat’s body can process the food easier, eliminating problems with digestion, and without fillers and other preservatives, it’s easy to stay away from ingredients that cause food allergies in your cats.

100% Pure Cod

1 oz bag = $6

100% Pure Beef

1 oz bag = $6

100% Pure Beef Liver

1 oz bag = $6

Whole Life Pet Treats come in a wide variety of flavors for our feline friends. You can find them in chicken, turkey, beef, beef liver, cod, salmon, and organic chicken flavors. The other wonderful thing about these treats is that they are all made in the United States and the Whole Life Pet Treats Company is proud to let you know who supplies their ingredients. For the fish-based treats, the cod is caught off the coast of Martha's Vineyard, while the wild Alaskan salmon is sourced directly from Hoonah, Alaska. The beef treats come from free-range beef sourced from Washington State, beef liver treats are sourced from Oregon. And the birds? The organic chicken treats come from California, the turkey from Utah and Nebraska, and the chicken treats come from several farms along the east coast, from Maryland and Delaware to Georgia.

It’s nice to know exactly where your cat’s food is coming from – which is rarely the case with most pet foods. These are wonderful options and a purrfect treat for your furry loved one. You can feel better knowing that your cat is eating something you would eat, and knowing that you’re feeding something rewarding, tasty, but still good for them! And one this is for sure, they’ll be begging for more as soon as they get a taste of these little morsels. We hope you choose these wonderful pet treats for your loved ones, we know you will love them much as your cat will!

For you cat owners who also have dogs, Whole Life Pet Treats also make treats for dogs. They have the same variety that is made for cats with some additions such as lamb, venison, chicken liver, lamb liver, pure cheddar cheese, and organic sweet potato.

100% Organic Chicken

1 oz bag = $9

2.8 oz bag = $18

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