12/96-6/24/11 Priestie

by Stephanie

I was given you to watch over for a few weeks as a kitten. You and your brother destroyed my house and broke my Grandma's porcelain figurines. You drove me nuts and I wanted them to take you back. But they wouldn't.....thank God !!!

I am a huge animal lover and fell madly in love with you and your brother. Over 14 years it's been. I raised you with tons of love and affection. Everyone that met you fell in love with you too (and wanted to take you home). Even those who hates cats, changed their minds once they met you two.

Your personality outshined any other cat I have met. How you would meow to me when it was time to go to bed, and scratch your head on my book every night. How you would sit next to me watching tv with your paw resting on my leg with the look of adoration on your face.

It killed me to put you down. It happened so fast. 4 days to go downhill. You didn't sleep for 2 days and would just sit for hours because your breathing was so bad. I wish you would have died peacefully at home.

But I had to go the other route that I did not want to go. I had to put you out of your misery. It was devastating.

It's been just over 3 weeks and it still feels like yesterday. Your brother misses you sooo much and I love and miss you more than anything !!! Big kisses to my Priestie-Bud. I will see you in Heaven.

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