2 male indoor cats drooling and oozing liquid

by Jess
(Alberta Canada)

I have two fixed male cats that are always indoors. We recently got a dog from the SPCA and he has been here about two weeks. One of my cats is ok with the dog, but the other is shy and stays upstairs away from the dog.

The last couple of nights, I have noticed that Jasper’s rear end and tail are wet and he has been drooling. He never drools. He seems to be eating and drinking ok and I thought nothing of it until tonight I come home to find my other cat drooling so much that I had to mop my floor. There was a good two cups of drool on my floor and running down his neck and chest.

My cat keeps swallowing and seems lethargic. Also, his rear end was wet too. The strange thing is that the oozing liquid from their rears is clear and thin, like water, and has no odor. It is definitely coming from their anus. The liquid only appears periodically, usually around bed time, and is sometimes accompanied by bubbling or hissing gas expelled through the anus.

Before you ask, neither cat has anal gland issues or sprays or has dental issues. Please help me! I am scared to come home and find my cat dead! I just worry the dog introduced something from the pound to our house. By the way I live in northern Alberta if that helps at all and my cats are both gorgeous Siamese crosses.

Dear Jess,

Please run to your veterinarian as soon as possible. As you can read on this page, Water Bubbling out my Cat’s Butt for 3 days, many owners experience similar cat illness symptoms and not every one has the same feline illness. Your cats need veterinary attention right away.

Please also see this page for tips on how to determine whether your cat needs immediate veterinary attention. The symptoms you described warrant an emergency trip to the vet.

Dr. Neely