2 year old cat

by laura
(Norwalk, CA)


Since Sunday, our 2 year old male cat has not eaten. We can put a small amount of baby food and wet cat food in his mouth and he will eat and he will drink a small amount of water also. He has not vomited nor has he had any diarrhea. Help. We are unable to take him to the veterinarian due to lack of funds and don't know what else to do.

Dear Laura,

I would love to help you, but you are in California and I am on the East Coast and no one could say what is wrong with your kitty and what the treatment should be without an exam.

Cats that do not eat for as long as you mention can get very ill and even die just from not eating on top of whatever else is bothering him and made him lose his appetite in the first place.

A loss of appetite in a cat is always of importance and can indicate something serious that needs immediate intervention. Do you have a relative or friend that could loan you the money? Have you called around to various vets to see if they would give you a reduced fee and/or payment plan? Are you familiar with CareCredit a payment plan for emergencies for your cat?

I'm sorry for your predicament. I hope some of these suggestions help.

Dr. Neely

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