4 Cats Vomiting

by karen
(CS Illinois)

I have 4 cats all of them are throwing up, one of them the week before was brought into the emergency room for deyhdration, not eatting and kidney failure, shes back home, still living but its variable if she'll last, the other cats started throwing up 2 days after bringing her home, they randomly throws up in 15 min intervals..I dont detect any other symptoms. and am getting worried that this could be serious, can it be FIP? the one cat has it mildly. Or should i be worried about the food im feeding them, they are all indoor cats so i dont know why

All the cats vomiting this much and this often would worry me that they have ingested a toxin or all have a serious virus. They need to be under a vet's care. Dehydration is almost certain and they can become very sick, even die from continued vomiting. They all need to be examined and perhaps some bloodwork run.

I hope you can get an appointment for them quickly.

Dr. Neely

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