7 week old Kitten with Leaky Bum

by Natalie

I just bought 2 kittens. The lady said they were 7 weeks and that they were eating solid food and were litter trained.

The litter box was in sight and I saw kitten poo and assumed she was telling the truth.

When I got them home I noticed that the male kitten had poo over his back legs. I washed him off but over the last 3 days of having him I notice that he just leaks a watery poo from his bum down his legs and I'm not sure he actually uses the litter tray.

Is this something he will grow out of or am I doing something wrong? He's playing and happy but he starts crying when he leaks and he's tail is getting a bit red so I put baby nappy rash cream on it.

Hi, Natalie,

Many (most) kittens are born with or acquire worms early in life. It sounds as if that could be the problem with your little kitten. I don't think this has anything to do with his not knowing how to use a litter box or anything to do with you doing something wrong.

I believe your cat has a medical problem and should see a vet right away so he can get the proper medication to stop his loose stool and make him comfortable and clean again.

All the best,
Dr. Neely

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