Alfie 02/08/09 - 22/11/10

On my way to work yesterday morning I found our little one by the side of the road, having been hit by a car. I can't describe the feeling of pain that both my fiancee and I are going through. To find you helpless by the side of the road broke my heart. I can't get over the thought of you suffering in that way!

You were one special cat and one special friend. You offered us love unconditionally and loved nothing more than a cuddle. Some of the things you did were more akin to a human. Your personality was something I have never witnessed from a cat before.

What hurts more than anything is the thought of seeing you only a few hours before, with the day beginning like all others before, but neither of us ever got to say goodbye to you.

You were our little boy and our house feels so empty without you. I'm dreading going back from work as you were always there to greet me with a rub and a purr before settling on my lap. You brought the most warmth into our lives and we loved every single minute with you - this whole thing just doesn't seem real, I keep expecting you to pop your head through the cat flap at any time.

How did you get yourself run over, you were so scared of noise and had never put yourself at risk before. I just expected you to be out exploring the fields as usual when I left yesterday morning. You lived a full life and wanted for nothing, but we can't help but feel you have been taken away from us before you were done.

We will always love you 'mushy' - you were so special to us and there will always be a cute, cat shaped hole in our lives. Rest in peace little one, you will always be in our thoughts!

Love you forever xx

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  I too found my cat dead on the side of the road
by: Shelley

I understand your shock and disbelief. On July 8 2011, four days after my Chatchat went missing, I found her motionless body on the side of the road!!!!
She used to escape from the old house which does not have a fence, so I moved to one with a wall, but alas, there were some holes under the bushes.
On that fateful day, after confining the three cats in a cat room with the old litter box and blanket, I encouraged her to go out, this time, without a leash, into the yard with her companion cats, but she panicked and hid. I thought she would come back, because the cathouse with the smell of her urine was just 15 feet away. I woke up during four nights to call for her, but there was no miauls, only the wind.
The thought that we found her body 2 miles from the house broke my heart. My moving house killed her. She wanted to go back to the old place but got lost!!!!!

by: Anonymous

Thanks Pauline

I just hope this whole thing gets easier - we are both at a loss of what to do, we miss him so much. There is a massive hole in our hearts and we cant see it ending

I just want my little boy back

by: Anonymous

Thank you Pauline
I just hope this whole thing gets easier - we are both devestated and in a state of shock that he's not around any more. It's hard to see this grief passing. We just loved him so much and the whole thing was so sudden it feels so surreal


  Alfie RIP
by: Anonymous

I am so very sorry to learn about the terrible, sudden passing of Alfie! My thoughts are with you and your family.