by Sophie





Ali died one night. He got hit by a stupid car! He was only a baby.I miss him so much its unbelievable! i went outside today where he was buried and I just collapsed. We recently got another cat but it's not the same without him. I didn't even get to say goodbye to him. I love him forever... I'm only 12 and I'm without my best friend.

Comments for Ali

  Love you forever
by: Sophie (writer of the memorial)

Merry early Christmas Ali! <3

  Ali will always be rememered!
by: Kirin Kat

I'm so sorry to hear about Ali!! I know how it feels to miss a furiend that much, Sophie! You know I still cry for my Smokey Joe who died last April 2009. I did get another cat and he's so sweet and gentle. Very loving, but personalities are different and we have to except that. But the memories will always live on in our hearts, just like mine do with Smokey Joe. Now they are both happy and living free beyond the Rainbow Bridge! Love, Kirin Kat & Smokey Joe

  Thank you
by: Sophie

Thank you so much for all your comments. They have made me feel alot better. Ali was such a good cat and now when i think of him i smile because im reminded of all the funny things he used to do :). thanks again, Sophie.

  Take heart
by: Sarah

So sorry you have lost your best friend. I know he has left a big cat-shaped hole in your life.
Take heart, Ali is at peace and beyond pain & suffering now.

In memorial of him, try to remember the wonderful, special and happy times you had together, not the tragedy of his death. Although he is gone, you will always have those precious memories; grief is the price we pay for love.
Every cat is different, unique; they are all special in their own way.

And as you go through life, remember - do not leave arguments unmended, important things unsaid, and words of love or compassion unspoken - we often do not have the chance...

by: Anonymous

Im almost sixty and that's a long ways from twelve but I sure know how you feel I miss my cat it's been over six months now and I still miss her everyday and probably always will, it has gotten a little easier, but she was such a special friend she was my best friend too. So sorry for the lost of such a sweet friend.Keep your best friend in your heart always.

Take Care Little One