Asili Thomas - 12/25/2008-04/14/2011 R.I.P.

by Mico Fuentes
(Wichita, Ks, USA)





My Asili. (Ah-see-lee) It means Spirit. I called her Sili Cat. She was loved very much. She was a Christmas kitten that my Papabear got for my mother as a gift. Today, she got ran over by a car, said to have been on purpose. I picked her up from the street and cried my eyes out to her on the porch. I called my parents hysterically in tears and they rushed home. Inbetween life and death, I mourned for her.

She was so beautiful, black, smooth coat of fur. All black whiskers except for one white one that eventually turned black as she got older. From early on, my Papabear and I played with her so much as a kitty that she thought hands were toys. She was a biter and a scratcher but if you rubbed her the right way, she would just purr and enjoy the love we showed. She ate so much, she became a big fluffy furball of innocent love. She'd go outside a lot to do her cat-thing and come home to eat, sleep, and play with us. My brother and I loved picking her up and cradling her in our arms as we walked around the house. I talked to her like she was human. There were times we were so synchronized...I knew when she'd be near the porch waiting to come in. I LOVED HER SO MUCH. This is still fresh, this just happened 30-45 minutes ago, so forgive me if I'm going on and on.

People can be so cruel...but I'm trying to forgive whoever did this. She was a big part of our family. My bond with her was like none other. All of ours. But me, especially. She was with me in so many changes of my life, she was there. I can't stop crying. I know that she was out of it when I picked her up. And I'm satisfied in believing she could no longer feel any pain...but I felt her faint heartbeat and that gave me hope. I prayed over her. I cried. I wailed out why's and no's. Hearing is the last sense to go before I told her I loved her and it would be okay. I know her spirit will forever be with me. I love you so much Asili...I love you cat. You'll always be in my heart and memory. I will NEVER forget you. NEVER.

Rest in Peace Asili Thomas.

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  Please accept my sympathy NEW
by: Tina

It's very cute that people get so attached to their pets. I believe that such a person will never make harm to any creature. Please accept my sympathy for your loss.

Tina, animals expert at writemyessayfast

  My deepest sympathies
by: Anonymous

You have my deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved pet.

I know exactly how you must be feeling at this moment because in the last few days, I have also suffered loss. On Wednesday one of my kitties was hit, and although he was badly injured (the car screeched to a stop to try and avoid hitting him) he will recover.

The following day (coincidentally, the same day your cat was run over) a local stray was hit and killed by a guy in a truck. I saw the whole thing. He didn't slow down...he had plenty of time to slow and stop, but didn't... he didn't stop...just kept right on going.

This cat may have been a stray, but he was dear to me. Several years ago, I saved this kitty's life when he almost froze to death in the winter, by taking him in, thawing him out, feeding him and keeping him safe until the weather warmed up.

His death broke my heart.

I can tell you, I was so upset by that driver's behavior, I did some research... certainly, I thought, there has to be some sort of penalty for what this guy did? I was right.

I don't know where you live, so I can only comment on the laws here, but I will guess that you have similar laws where you live. However, one law is universal throughout almost all the states. If someone runs over an animal, they MUST report it to the police, immediately. Failure to do so is a misdemeanor.

Here, as well, if a driver intentionally hits an animal, he can be charged with animal cruelty, a class A misdemeanor with a sentence of up to 1 year in jail. If he has prior convictions on his record, that charge can be bumped up to a class C felony, with a lot more serious penalties.

Again, my condolences on the loss of your pet. I think my stray and your cat are now happily playing together in heaven.