Bella- July 1,2009- March 6,2012

by Michelle McDowell
(Rising Sun, Maryland in the USA)



Bella was a very special cat. From the day I brought her home until last night when she died (from GOD only knows what?), she was the best cat I have ever had in my entire life.

Bella was very timid and shy, unlike her sister Izzy. I would get up in the morning go to brush my teeth and use the rest room and every time I went she was there beside me. It became a ritual, although a wierd one at that. She's the only cat I have ever known to lie down and let me lie my head on her and she would wrap her legs around me as if trying to give me a hug!

We took her to the vet in December 2011 because her gums were red and bleeding. The vet put her on antibiotics and we took her back in January of 2012 for a check up, and he said our Bella was fine! But, I think, from the time she was little she was always very weak and had trouble breathing.

Bella was always very playful and her and her sister would chase each other and tear the house down!! They were both inside cats, up to date on all of their shots, and had been fixed. I always brushed them every other day, kept food and water in their bowls at all times, and I feel like crap I should have known something was wrong.

I was sleeping and my boyfriend was up. He said she came up to him and rubbed on him and jumped up with her paws while he was playing a game. He got up about 20 minutes later and she was laying there, 2 feet behind his head, dead on the living room floor.

My boyfriend screamed for me and I came running. I knew in my heart she was gone, but I insisted we take her to the emergency vet. Very late last night, they pronounced her dead and said she seemed to be healthy.

I dont understand. I keep asking why? Why is she dead? She was just laying on my lap that morning, loving on me and purring, and now she is dead. Bella was fine when I went to bed that evening, except instead of being on her top perch, she was laying down low. She must not have been dead long because she was still warm!

I just want my cat back loving Bella. I'm so very heart broken. I don't know if I will ever be myself again, ever!!

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  Bella beauty
by: Anonymous

She was so beautiful! Be a C.S.I.: see if there were snakes, spiders, etc. Poison check around the house, and then that's all you can do. At least she got to show you her love. This is the hardest time. It's so rough. I too have lost a special cat. You are not alone. Please write if you figure it out. But please just know we care about you!

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