Bella--Hebrew meaning "A Pledge to God " 2000-2012

by Susan Calder
(Ottawa, Canada)



My dear little princess Bella came into my life while I was volunteering at the Shaid Tree Animal Shelter in Nova Scotia. I had picked out a kitty to take home, but when I came to pick her up, she had already been adopted. I said to myself, I am not going home with out a kitty today.

I searched amongst all the cats at the shelter. Here she was alone in a cage, a dear little face, with one blue eye, one green, and so tiny. I was told that she had five kittens, and they had all found homes, but she was still waiting for her furever home. I picked her up, and I knew then she was coming home with me.

I introduced her to her 2 sisters and 1 brother, at that time, and she fit in immediately. Her gentle little soul, all the cats just seem to adore her right from the beginning. No matter what stray I brought into the house, to nurse back to health, and find a home for she was like a mother to them all.

She loved to cuddled on her own terms. Everynight, or whenever I would sit down on the couch to use my laptop, I would here the chirp of her coming towards me, and up she would come. She would knead bread, as I call it, want her belly rubbed.

When you would pet her back she would automatically starting bathing was like have an automatic cat washer. I always thought I should film this and put it on "Americas Funniest Videos", but I never did. My one female cat Chirpie, would always jump up beside her and they would bath one another....true sisterly love.

She loved to play with the lazer light, and would go absolutely balistic over it. She would go for hours, and hours..but I couldn't. Bella was never a sick ever the whole time she was with me.

I did notice in December that she had dropped some weight, but she was a little chubby, so the few pounds I was not concerned with. I then began to notice on the January 3, 2012 that she would eat and just bring it right back up. Then on the 5th she wanted to eat, and she just did eat. She would sit beside the food, and tried to eat, but just could not. I new I would have to take her to the vet. I mean she continued to play and act like a normal kitty.

On the 6th of January, I made an appointment to take her to the vet, and she cried during the drive there. Her meow was also a raspy meow, so different than any other cat I had ever heard. After the vet examined and exrayed her, they found a black spot around her stomach. I was told that she probally swallowed something, and that was quite common, and they could do the surgery that afternoon to remove it. She would be as right as rain.

I went in, gave her a hug, and kiss, and talked to her, and told her I loved her, and would see her later on in the afternoon. That was not the case. I received a call a half hour later, telling me it was a tumour, and that they could remove it, but would have to remove half her colon, but she would still make a good recovery. I did ok it for them to continue the surgery, and prayed that everything was going to be fine.

Another hour passed, and the vet called me again, telling me that there was too much blood flow to the tumour, and that they would have to remove the small and large intestine, but she could not live without these organs. It was devestating news, my Bella was not coming home. She never woke up from the surgery, and never coming to our home again. I was in denial...I just could not believe it.

My little Bella was cremated, and her ashes are here with me and her brothers, and sister. God spoke to me , and he told me that she was a gift to him, and that I should know she is with him. That did comfort me greatly. She was an amazing little girl, and will always, always be in my heart, where ever I go. She knew that her mommy loved her so.

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