Bloated kitten or pregnant cat?

by Katerina
(Sydney, Australia)

I recently picked up a tiny stray kitten. At first I would have guessed she was around 3 months old. I noticed her stomach was quite big and assumed she was bloated or had worms. I felt her stomach and it seemed like her stomach was too hard, although when i softly rubbed it it gurgled. I checked the cats nipples but they are tiny and white, just like they would be if she were not pregnant.

I'm worried about this stay, who I have named Rosie, because she is visibly round but her teats are not enlarged. Is this normal? She is also so small, she is able to curl up in my hands when they are cupped. Is Rosie too young to be pregnant? If she is, will she be able to manage?

I'm not sure what to say or think. Some professional advice would really help.


Dear Kat,

From what you described, your kitten does not sound as though she is pregnant. Her nipples are not pink or enlarged, and it sounds as though the kitten is actually too little to be pregnant.

Your first intuition was probably correct. Your kitten likely has parasites, which of course cause bloating, but I could not know for certain without examining her. I would strongly recommend making an appointment with a veterinarian for a thorough exam and fecal analysis for your new kitty.

Best wishes,
Dr. Neely

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