Boo's Thank You

by Angie Banta
(Burlington Wa.)



I just wanted to thank you for choosing Boo as one of the winners in your last photo contest. When the UPS driver delivered a box to our door, Boo just knew it was for him! :o)
I could barely get the katkabin out of the box before Boo was climbing in it! He is in Heaven with this KatKabin!!! He sleeps through the night now, all cozy & warm. I absolutely love this product & would recommend it to any kitty owner!! It has everything! Warmth,security,scratch carpet on the outside, a play mouse to play with, A stable & sturdy structure,& it's a nice looking piece to blend in with your household decore.
I am very Thankful & so is my little happy & content kitty Boo!

Comments for Boo's Thank You

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My cat's name is also Boo. Happy to see someone else has such good taste-will send you a picture

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Sep 30, 2015 Cuteness! NEW
by: Yannis

OMG he is so cute! No wonder he won. I absolutely love the fur and the color of it. Too cool! haha

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