Bootie 1994-2011

by Julia
(Chester, NY)

Bootie died 2 1/2 days ago. Going in for an xray and a cortizone shot for his arthritis, the vet decided on his own to clean Bootie's teeth. He put him under anesthesia. Something we had discussed before and I opted out. When I picked Bootie up I was shocked at his condition. The vet said he would be on his feet and back to normal within 24 hours.

I took Bootie home and he died within 2 hours. I am devastated. My heart is so broken. I am filled with guilt over ruining his last day on this earth. He was the most awesome cat I have ever known, and I've known many. I am lost. He was the compass of my life. He was embedded in every task of every routine of every day. I don't know how to live without him.

Love of my life, what I wouldn't do to get you back. xoxo

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Bootie... gone too soon
by: Carlysmom

Dear Bootie's Mom/Dad,

I feel so badly for you, to lose your precious Bootie like that. So suddenly and after him just being treated by your vet. What did the vet say happened? Was Bootie too old to tolerate anesthesia? Your Bootie sounds so special!

I have a 15.5-yr-old cat that is the love of my life. But she isn't well. Every day I worry that she may not last too much longer. I know when that day comes, I too will be devastated. I can't imagine life without her! Its just the 2 of us living together.

If you would be interested, I could give you a website where you can "attend" (via Internet) a candle ceremony for your cat and put his name on a list to be remembered for eternity. I just put my cat's name on another list for special needs (for remembrance and asked for prayers). It may help a little with your grief (just a thought).

Bless you and your little Bootie.

Sending love to you both,

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