Bowel Problem

My 1 year old orange domestic long hair tabby is squatting to 'go'. He stays in that position producing nothing and looks unhappy about it. Other than that he is eating, drinking and sleeping. He is an indoor cat and only uses a litter box. He is doing this outside the box on the floor and only seems to do it in the morning.

Thank you for your help.



This can be of great concern in a young male cat. How do you know it is a bowel problem and not urinary? Do you know for sure? Urinary obstruction causes the same signs and can be fatal within around 3 days. PLEASE make sure he is urinating and also make sure he is not becoming lethargic, losing his appetite, or vomiting. If there's any doubt, go to the vet right away. Otherwise, you can write back and update me through the comment area and I will respond to you again at no charge.

Thank you,

Dr. Neely