Brown spot on my cats nose

by Kieth
(Jefferson City, MO USA)


My five year old black/white cat (Winston) has developed a brown spot on his nose. His nose is pink. The brown spot is flat and doesn't appear to bother him.

The spot was originally looked like a scab, but we scratched the scab and it fell off. Under the scab, the spot was gone. About 2 weeks later the brown spot reappeared, but much smaller. It has not grown into a scab this time..its been several weeks.

It doesn't appear to bother him, but should we be concerned?


It doesn't sound very worrisome, but I really couldn't say without seeing it. Cats get brown pigment spots on their skin anywhere on the body. It sounds like it's either that or an injury that was healing and then the scab came off too soon and still has some healing left to do or there's a scar left.

If it gets larger or doesn't remain flat, have it looked at.

Thank you for writing,
Dr. Neely

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