Can an indoor Cat Survive on it's own?

Hi doctor,

I have told you before that i allowed a cat from the street to give birth in my appartment 4 months ago. My parents forced me to give them away to a friend, what will happen if they run away? I have never allowed them to go outside. He is keeping them in his garden. Will they be able to depend on themselves if they run away? I am so miserable now because I loved them so so so much. I can't bear staying in the house without them but my parents are not taking me seriously when i say i can't live without them being around. They brought so much joy in my life and I don't want them to be harmed. Maybe if I can get rid of the poop's smell they may come again but that is unlikely. Now i regret spoiling them. Please answer. Can they live on their own at the age of 4 months?


I"m sorry you're upset. If you gave them to a friend, even though they are in his garden, I assume he is feeding them. If he is friendly to them and feeds them as much as they need, they most likely will not run away. They will stay right where the food and attention is. Maybe you could go visit frequently? Give them extra attention and take some treats. That would help.

Cats aren't ever as safe outdoors as they are indoors - I can't lie to you. But many cats survive outside and many start at a very early age. You just have to hope for the best and do everything you can to make sure they are well-fed and get as much attention as possible.

You have a great heart and unfortunately those of us who love animals so dearly sometimes have our hearts broken. Focus on the good you have done and can continue to do.

Dr. Neely

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