can i visit my cat one day after spaying ?

by maher

I am afraid she feels bad if she sees me today and I don't take her home. Her spaying operation was yesterday .. feeling it's better to wait for the 5 days - the time of recovery at the vet clinic .. and in the same time I am worried she thinks we dumped her .. what is best to do ?

I can't imagine why she is staying at the clinic for 5 days. It is customary to spay a cat and send them home the next day (some places even send them home the same day, but I have always preferred keeping them overnight.)

It is also difficult to now which is best for a cat - visiting or not. I understand your worries. Most often, it has appeared that cats are helped by having their loved ones visit them. The love and reassurance seems to help with their attitude and the healing process.

Best Wishes,
Dr. Neely

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